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The copper chloride crystallization (English copilot by chloride biocrystallization) after E.Pfeiffer, is a procedure for the evaluation and quality investigation of the so-called "vital quality" or "vitality "from food, in particular from biological land cultivation. It is ranked with other methods among the picture-creative methods, which are not to be confounded with the picture-giving procedures for the visualization from data to. The copper chloride crystallization after Pfeiffer is closely connected with the anthroposophischen teachings after Rudolf Steiner.

With this method an aqueous excerpt of the respective sample of a copper chloride solution is added; one lets the solution crystallize in a thin layer on a glass plate under controlled conditions (temperature and humidity) vibrationlessly in a climatic chamber. - Compared to the pure copper chloride solution - for the additive characteristic shape changes of the Kristallisats develop.

Crystallizing is a Vorgeng, in which due to the system own an instability (non equilibrium system) shape formation (structure formation) takes place. The auxiliaryspecific "crystal picture" of the crystallized copper chloride solution is evaluated by morphologic criteria and judged regarding the influence of the additive, for example according to number and order of the bypasses and after measurable characteristics of the texture, as crystallization samples are compared with a reference scale.

In the pictures developed in such a way are itself, which philosophy of some users following, who express the food allegedly inherent "vitality" and the arranging regularities. Thus a so-called field class value can be determined. Food of purely biological cultivation should be with this method allegedly by food of conventional cultivation distinguishable.

Users of the "copper chloride crystallization" regard this method as an objective and reproducible test procedure, an addition of the chemical analysis. They refer however even to the fact that - as a function of the analysis methodology - which is strongly bound for interpretation of the pictures to the interpreting person. The method was documented according to ISO 17025 and the characteristic characteristics was determined. In addition also comparative measurements at coded standard samples belong apart from repeatability and reproductibility.


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