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By conveyances one understands all means of transport for in-plant flow of material. Conveyances can be divided according to different criteria:

  • after the frequency of the transport
- Continuous conveyor, e.g. roller race
- Unstable promoter, e.g. fork-lift truck
  • after the corridor connection
- corridor-free conveyances, e.g. crane, overhead conveyors
- corridor-bound conveyances, e.g. fork elevating truck platforms
  • after the mobility
- Conveyances with laminar flow of material, e.g. crane, fork-lift truck
- Conveyances with flow of material, e.g. roller race
  • after the drive
- manually operated conveyances, e.g. Sackkarre, Handwagen
- by machine operated conveyances, e.g. fork-lift trucks
  • after the degree of automation
- operator-steered conveyances, e.g. fork elevating truck platforms
- computer-controlled conveyances, e.g. automatic shelf control device (RGB), transport system without driver

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