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Converse was created 1908 and is an American sports article offerer.


Marquis Mills Converse created the Converse Rubber Shoe company, which winterproof footwear manufactured for the time being in the year 1908. Later also shoes from canvas were taken up to the manufacture assortment.

In the year 1917 Converse brought the performance basketball shoe to Converse universe star on the market. By this shoe came typical Quiet into the play.

In the year 1923 the sport shoe Converse universe star got the signature of Chuck Taylor on its rubber badge, whereby the innovation spirit of the basketball legend Taylor should be honoured. Likewise in the year 1923 Converse sketched the shoes for the basketball crew New York Renaissance.Jack Purcell, a famous bath min clay/tone star, sketched in the year 1935 a new match shoe for the bath min clay/tone play.

In order to support the efforts of war, Converse developed the flier boots A6 Flying boat predominantly in the year 1942.

The Oxford, a lower version of the Converse universe star, was developed in the year 1966, and only eight years later, in the year 1974, the Converse One star, a low match basketball shoe came, on the market.

With the olympic plays 1984 Converse ranked among the official sponsors. Already for the year the players in all olympic basketball medal plays of shoes of Converse carried 1936.

The Weapon came in the year 1986 on the market. With this new shoe and the campaign "Choose your Weapon" placed itself to Converse the competition of the 80's.

A descendant famous universe star, that became universe star 2000, whose Patch from leather is, by Converse in the year 1996 brought on the market and immediately after the sales start 1.000.000 times sold.

Nowadays above all the universe of star of Converse no more are carried to the basketball, but than fashionable cult shoe on the road. Although Converse was exceeded as a manufacturer of basketball shoes meanwhile of companies such as Nike, the company still ranks among one of the marks for basketball shoes and fashionable sport clothes.

  • 2001: Conveyance of all factories in the USA - production was shifted into the asiatic area (China, Indonesia, Viet Nam)
  • 2003: In July one accepted 305.000.000 a dollar offer of Nike

By the Converse Chuck Taylor universe star, one of the most successful shoes of this time, to today over 600 million pairs were sold.

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