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Convention refugees are humans, who enjoy deportation protection, because their life or its liberty is threatened in the country of origin due to its "race, religion, nationality, affiliation to a certain social group or because of their political conviction" ("§ 60 exp. 1 AufenthG).

The agreement regulates the legal status over the legal status of the refugees from 28 July 1951 (so-called Geneva refugee convention, GRP).


The requirement on asylum according to kind 16a Basic Law can be void, if the asylum-seeker entered over a safe third state. The acknowledgment as a foreign refugee takes place in the framework einess asylum proceeding via regulation of a deportation prohibition after "§ 60 exp. 1 AufenthG.

The residence law extends the humanitarian regulations of GRP by the acknowledgment of sex specific and non-governmental pursuit. So a pursuit can be present because of the affiliation to a certain social group also if the threat of the life, which physical soundness or the liberty because of the sex is present. "§ 60 exp. 1 AufenthG recognizes not only national, but also non-governmental participants on.


The term of De-facto-refugees is not a right term and is differently defined:

  • Persons, who did not place an application for asylum
  • Convention refugees
  • Persons, who found because of an application for asylum admission and in the federal territory to still be


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