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Control LED distribution is a term from the marketing and management. It acts thereby around an arrangement laid out in the long term of distribution systems. The goal is manufacturer-lateral control and controlling of the final consumer-oriented co-ordination between the manufacturing enterprise and the contract-bound distribution organs.

Forms the control LED distribution are to be understood with priority as answer on the part of the consumer goods manufacturers on the increase in power and the increasing emancipation of the retail trade. Thus trading ventures already aim at for years beside the logistics leader shank the marketing leader shank in the distribution channel and understand themselves in an intensified extent as integrators and less as pure distribution intermediaries and/or than "extended arm" of the industry. Thereby industrial enterprises see themselves a more intensive influencing control on the stored processes and enterprises exercising strengthened confronted with possibly for own strategic adjustment contrary objectives and conceptions of the distribution intermediaries, from which an increased interest in it arises, and to their politics regarding the own objectives, in particular the own conceptions in the context of the branded article distribution of steering. This can be made by vertical integrative distribution systems and/or forms of the Secured distribution as evasion strategy of the trade and vertical-cooperative distribution systems and/or forms the control LED distribution.

In consumer goods practice is to be registered form variety from vertical controlled distribution systems and/or contract systems. These rich in a broad term interpretation of simple basic agreements aligned to partnership co-operation, like them in trade marketing application find among other things, over vertical selling connections, Ausschliesslichkeitsbindungen, up to contract dealer systems, Franchise systems and agency systems. It is to be however pointed out that the differences and demarcations often blur to the control LED distribution in enterprise practice between the different forms.

See also

  • Distribution politics
  • Vertical marketing
  • Secured distribution


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