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The container terminal Bremerhaven in Bremerhaven is part of the group of ports Bremen/Bremerhaven. It belongs for years to the largest container ports of the world.

The commencement of construction took place in February 1968 with the first cut of the spade for the 700 meters long Stromkaje. Still in the June of the same yearly (1968) the Bremerhavener north port took the container enterprise on (BLG - of Bremen Lagerhaus-Gesellschaft). In April 1971 then the first couch place was taken to the Stromkaje of the container terminal in enterprise and inaugurated in September the new terminal at the Weser delta officially. The electrical equipment of the container bridge-type cranes took place in this time via the company SIEMENS. The urgent extension of the shipping capacities required short term change of plans and reaction in the year 1972 on the part of the BLG. Thus short hand was already diminished in Hamburg at the Burchardkai with the HHLA (Hamburg port and depot AG) in the structure bridge present by the company KOCKS Bremen and developed in Bremerhaven to the Stromkaje again. The electrical equipment of the bridge had been by the company general society (AEG Telefunken) realized and afterwards by engineer refuge Detlef in record time in enterprise had been set, on the new conditions adapted and maintenance and service staff of the BLG according to the new technology trained.

The commencement of construction for the southern extension of the terminal was started in February 1978 and for the northern extension in August 1980. With the inauguration of the north extension in August 1983 Bremerhaven attained the rank of the possession of the largest Containerumschlagsanlage of the continent. The commencement of construction of container terminal (CT) III took place in October 1994 and in December of the group of ports Bremen/Bremerhaven more than 1.5 million TEU was for the first time changed. The licensing procedure (Planfeststellung) for the 14-Meter-Ausbau of the external channel was introduced 1995.

1996 was already fastened on the area used by CT III the first surfaces and and in the following year in March (1997) would install for worker three new super post office Panmax Already in December 1997 CT III on whole length was ready for use. In January 1999 the federation deepened the external Weser channel, so that also largest container ships "the William Kaisen "- terminals to a large extent to reach can. Thereupon that attains container terminal in December 1999 an above average high growth of more than 20 per cent.

Later, in December 2000 four from eight ordered super post office Panmax of the manufacturer ZPMC from China the Bremerhavener terminal reached one year. With these new bridges, whose investor can span 23 container rows on the water side, megacarrier with placing capacities for 10,000 TEU and more lets itself be served. In the May of the yearly 2001 four further super post office Panmax made of China with a special ship in Bremerhaven traffen.

Senator Josef Hattig made the first ramming impact at the container terminal IIIa in the same year in October, because up to the autumn 2003 this Stromkaje should be extended by 340 meters. The legally prescribed documents for the introduction of the plan statement procedure for CT 4 were transferred to the water and navigation management in December 2002 into Aurich. In November 2003 the inauguration of the extension CT IIIa took place. The plan statement resolution including the ecological compensation measures on the Luneplate and in the dyke before country at the Wurster coast in June 2004 to the country Bremen were handed over. In the November of the same yearly the senator at that time Peter Gloystein made the first ramming impact for container terminal 4, since the extension of the Stromkaje was to be achieved around four further couch places to 2007/2008.

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