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Consumer goods marketing is concerned contrary to capital goods marketing with products, which are addressed directly to final consumer (households). Examples of short term consumer goods (consumer goods) are detergent, food, chewing rubber, Pizza etc. of examples of long-term consumer goods (consumer durables) are washing machines, television sets, living furniture etc.

Manufacturers of consumer goods are usually characterised by an above average high portion from expenditures for advertising to the total expenditure. The moreover they invest much in market study and the image care.

The nature consumer goods marketing

Contrary to industrial goods marketing the purchase decision process runs off often more briefly and less rationally. The transaction costs, thus the costs of the preparation, the conclusion and the maintenance are accordingly smaller. Comparisons to it treaty system over the purchase of a power station and the contract over the purchase of Financing and guaranteeings are certain, often legally fixed, already forwards and/or briefly after the purchase.

If there is with industrial goods marketing groups of Entscheidern with different training and positions, the all offers often exactly examines Buying center, there is with consumer goods often spontaneous decisions, which are predominantly emotional coined/shaped.

Example: Chew-rubber-buy at the cash at the supermarket. Few humans think up to this moment of chewing rubber, which need waked satisfied during waiting and directly.

Consumer goods marketing tried therefore with the help of the market study to analyze the needs of the customers and accordingly marketing-mix to derive. As instruments are to the enterprise the product, the price, communication and the distribution at the disposal.

Since itself the goods and goods of the manufacturers on the consumer goods markets to a large extent same and there are no special preparations, much with the price and communication one works. The customer is by the standardized products further able to compare the products easily. Therefore also here a crucial role comes to the mark term, since the mark serves as aid to recognizing the products and helps to lift the product out of the mass the competition. The mark is provided given image, which becomes conscious during view with a certain.

Fast recognizing of the marks is conformal with the fast decision-making processes of the customers.

To underestimate the short development times and the appropriate pressure are not to bring new products on the market (time ton market). One thinks thereby of the development cycles from mobile phones etc., where the manufacturers want to bring themselves with always new features into better positions.

That marketing-mix in consumer goods marketing

The price

  • satisfied markets, price transparency, broken prices bspw. 0,99 "€, 1.98 "€,
  • Dealer margin, strong competition pressure, price-sensitive customers, bspw. How do customers react to a price increase with a sort Due to many alternate products a change becomes probable despite brand loyalty! ==> many Substitutionsprodukte!

During a the appropriate change of the paragraph and thus the conversion of the price elasticity of the respective product depends. This can be explained in the national economy.


(or as the product arrives at the customer)

The choice of the distribution form depends on the selected enterprise strategy and can therefore have various reasons. Two forms:

  1. Direct VertriebDer direct selling is the form without the engagement of dealers, who are installed between customers and enterprises. Ex. Vorwerk, which sells its vacuum cleaners only over own representatives. Advantage of the direct selling are the absolute customer proximity and the excellent controlling of the activities. By suitable incentive systems one can affect purposeful the representatives. These exclusively of the moreover recruit for an enterprise. The high expenditure and the costs have an unfavorable effect.
  2. more indirectly selling with the indirect selling depending upon development one or more middlemen are set between customer and enterprise. Predivide this variant are the surface cover and the spreading, since the branch network of the dealers is used. It has an unfavorable effect that the influencing control on placement and range of the advertisement of the products is small with the dealers.

Installed incentive systems can moderate these effects, but complete control is naturally not possible. Further the price structuring is reduced and it must to the actual selling price the dealer margin too be always gegerechnet.



Products of the consumer goods industry can be customs or consumer goods.

On the positioning strategy considerably also the product, price and communication politics depend. A mass-market strategy (price quantity strategy) leads rather to the development of standard products and low prices. A preference strategy (image strategy) leads rather to individual products and higher prices. Bsp: Medion is a typical example of a mass-market strategy. Large quantities, standard products, low prices and addressing of the mass-market by use of the Aldi can be consulted as example of a preference strategy. Individualize-cash products, high prices and addressing of certain market segments.

Many enterprises of the consumer goods industry try to combine a mass-market strategy with individual products. Dell for example offers build ton order of PC systems.


Consumer goods marketing concerns itself with the final consumers (households) and their need satisfaction.

It prevails transparent price formation. That is, the prices are accessible to everyone and comparisons fall easily (for example by changing simply the supermarket). A special position comes to the mark term, since it serves for it to differentiate between products almost identical (same basic use).

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