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Concept vehicles anticipate the introduction of a new motor vehicle type or new series. They are equipped with innovative technology, which is already used in series vehicles or stands briefly before production stage.

Concept vehicles of Mercedes Benz

align= "left "|Jahralign= "left "|Bezeichnungalign= |Kategorie "left "align= "left "|Serienfahrzeugalign= "left
1986NAFASmall carA-class, smart fortwo1997, 1998
1992align= |EXT-92" left"Commercial motor vehicle  
1993 studyTwo-door CLK 1997
1993Vision A 93Compact classA-class1997
1994Study ACompact classA-class1997
1994MCCMini city carsmart town center (later: smart fortwo)1998
1994Study SLK IRoadsterSLK1996
1994Study SLK IIRoadsterSLK1996
1994FCCCompact class(C-class  
1996AA visionSport utility VehicleM-class1997
1997May brook studyLuxury sedanMay brook2002
1999Vision SLRHigh speed sports carSLR McLaren2003
2000Vision SLARoadster  
2002Vision GSTLarge travel vehicleR-class2004
2003Vision CLSFour-door CLS2004
2004Vision GST 2Large travel vehicleR-class2004
2004Vision RLarge travel vehicleR-class2004
2004Vision BCompact travel vehicleUC-let2005

Vehicles in the detail


The NAFA (suburban traffic vehicle) belongs into the small car segment.


  • Conception: 1986
  • Place: Stuttgart
  • Objective: Development of a suburban traffic vehicle, good all-round visibility, easy a parks and in/stepping out
  • Drive: Four-cycle petrol engine with 3 cylinders, 1 litre capacity, 33 KW (45 HP), front wheel drive

Technical characteristics

  • New interior design
  • Four-wheel steering element
  • Transmission with electrical preselection
  • Sliding doors


The NAFA exhibits a length of 2.50 meters and a height and width of in each case 1.50 meters. By four-wheel steering element the turning circle amounts to only 5.7 meters, two sliding doors makes possible a comfortable in and stepping out. The NAFA has front wheel drive and an automatic transmission, an air conditioning system, power steering and belt-taut. A high seating position, the low belt line and large window areas make a good all-round visibility possible.


The study EXT-92 (euro-experiment old jerk) represents the commercial motor vehicle for the European long-distance traffic by road. It is consisting a double train, of tractor with semitrailer.


  • Conception: Autumn 1992
  • Place: International motor show (IAA), Frankfurt/Main
  • Objective: New commercial motor vehicle concept with emphasis on aerodynamics, ergonomics, comfort and new illuminating engineering

Technical characteristics

  • Aerodynamically clean full lining
  • Spacer radar (introduction of the series under the name DISTRONIC in the Mercedes Benz S-class (type W 220))
  • Driver's seat in central position
  • New control concept
  • Video cameras and monitors instead of rear view mirrors
  • Gas discharge headlight (introduction of the series under the name xenon headlight in the Mercedes Benz S-class (type W 140))
  • Light emitting diode tail lamps (introduction of the series 2003 in the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren (type C 199))
  • Light emitting diode turn signal (introduction of the series 2003 in the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren (type C 199))
  • Smart card instead of autokeys (introduction of the series 1999 in the Mercedes Benz S-class (type W 220))
  • Canopy from electricaltransparent glass (introduction of the series 2002 in the May brook (type W 240))


Opposite a conventional truck is the air resistance of the EXT-92 clearly smaller, the technical value of cw=0,35 approximates from passenger vehicles. With travelling straight ahead the semitrailer with a special fifth wheel is consulted on up to approximately 10 centimeters to the cab of the tractor. In order to keep tail turbulences as small as possible, automatically folding up trailing edge surfaces are appropriate at the semitrailer. The aerodynamics lowers the fuel consumption and concomitantly the emissions.

The aerodynamically clean full lining and the wheel linings form at the same time a lateral Unterfahrschutz for other road users. It prevents besides the spray water formation and thus Gischtfahrten with rains. A further safety member hides itself behind the Mercedes star: the spacer radar. Together with the range of vision measuring instrument it warns the driver before obstacles and before to small distance with poor visibility.

The two-piece external swinging door is opened by the driver with a personal smart card. Over three stairway steps it reaches the upright accessible cab. The seat arranged in the cab center on a landing automatically 30 degrees of direction entrance and the armature unit as well as the steering column are away-swivelled. Subsequently, everything is adjusted in accordance with the data on the smart card. Likewise the attitudes for ventilation and radio. The steering wheel can be adjusted individually to the driver, the position of the serving and monitoring unit in the height to the steering wheel situation is automatically adapted. The central seat and the high seating position improve the protection of the driver in accidents. In the percussion pot of the Lenkrads is a particularly form-adapted Airbag. Via a central display the driver can call all relevant information up and steer with communication keys numerous vehicle mechanisms. The keys change its symbols and functions dynamically with the respective task.

Announcements and switches are combined into function groups. On the right of and on the left of the central processing unit are 10-tariff monitors, which inform approximately about the happening around the vehicle: Over the entire full trailer combination six video cameras are installed, which supervise also the ranges directly before the vehicle front and at the tail and in addition exclude the dead angle.

To the equipment belong to the operator's cab a kitchen block with microwave oven, cool and a coffee machine, a rinse and two swinging out tables. Files, cabinets and thrust fan offer reservoir for personal things. The 80 centimeters broad couch can be transformed into a seat. The passenger seat is at the same time also quiescent armchair; with leg edition and various adjusting possibilities. The electricaltransparent glazing of the cab can be regulated automatically or manually in its light permeability, up to a darkening of the cab for dwell phases.

The tail lamps consist of many individual light emitting diodes (LED) and are arranged as volume over the entire tail width. This technology permits remarkable and flexible Signalbilder. The driver can inform and warn rear traffic about characteristics and the traffic happening before the double train.

Into the light unit are summarized in front main headlights, long range headlights and fog headlights. Also in the unit are special ranking headlights, which illuminate the critical ranges before and behind the vehicle when ranking. The low beam headlight contains a gas-discharge lamp, today under the name xenon light admits, and illuminates the roadway clearly better. The turn signals are implemented like the tail lamps in LED technology in front.

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