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The company Computacenter is according to own data of Europe prominent manufacturer-spreading Serviceprovider for IT-infrastructures. In the year 2004 Computacenter with approx. 10,000 coworkers gained a conversion of approximately 3.5 billion euro.

In Germany Computacenter employs about 3500 coworkers on country widely distributed locations. The 2004 in Germany gained conversion amounted to 1 billion euro. Computacenter Germany resulted to at the beginning of of 2003 from the sales of the company CompuNet to the English Computacenter PLC.

History Computacenter

The company Computacenter was created 1981 by Philip Hulme and Peter Ogden in Great Britain. The enterprise computer center should be called original, what was not possible however by an already existing entry in the trade register. This led to the unusual way of writing with the letter "A" in the center.

Computacenter of 1200 coworkers already employed and became 1993 with a conversion of more than 320 million Pound thereby the number 1 in the British Desktop business. In January 2003 Computacenter transferred those so far to General Electric belonging German CompuNet AG.

History CompuNet

The CompuNet computer selling GmbH was created 1984 by Jost Stoll man. 1996 took place the sales of the enterprise to the largest American electrical company, General Electric and carried from now on the name GE CompuNet. At the end of of 2002 took place a further sales of the enterprise to the British company Computacenter. After a short transitional phase under the name CC CompuNet was introduced the name Computacenter also into Germany.

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