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CompuServe Inc. 1969 in Columbus in the Federal State Ohio, the USA, from a group of insurance, developed which rented its again acquired computer and/or its arithmetic performance as the further source of income other enterprises.


1970 developed from this business idea a communications network, which became 1979 under the name MicroNet of the predecessors of CompuServe. This was the first service, which offered E-Mail services to users of PCs. 1979 occur the mathematician and computer scientist Maurice Cox the enterprise and become one of the prominent heads in the enterprise.


A further fundamental innovation was 1980 the real time Chat, offered under the name CB-simulator. 1980 buy up one the largest American tax advisory group, H&R Block Inc., CompuServe for 23 million US Dollar. The ascent of CompuServe continued by the financialstrong parent company and new developments continuously. The electronics chain Tandy took up CompuServe starter kit in the 80's to the assortment and sold of it annually 7,000 pieces. 1987 introduced CompuServe the diagram format GIF. 1989 used 500,000 members on-line service.


Starting from 1991 the subsidiary company of H&R Block Inc. registered and achieves a further enormous ascent the number of members of 1 million users. In this year also German users could use the service. CompuServe maintained its own multipoint network, which could be used in several German cities by telephone dialling in Germany.

1993 became already a profit of 73 million US Dollar before taxes erwirtschaftet.1996 had CompuServe a number of members of 4.5 million users and became the largest commercial on-line service of the world. The enterprise maintained 60 computers of the type DEC, which was protected interlaced with one another and by no-break current supplies (USV) at their company headquarters. The volume of data of CompuServe amounted 1996 to more than 700 gigabyte. 1997 sold H&R block the enterprise for 1.2 billion US Dollar at WorldCom. This sold the pure on-line service range, without the world-wide entrance technology and/or the nodes, again, 1998 at AOL. AOL Europe and the Bertelsmann AG held in each case 50 per cent of the enterprise for 1999. The user numbers of CompuServe were however constantly reduced, while AOL gained. Both together ranked with 21 million users among the world-wide largest on-line service. World-wide CompuServe was besides the first ISP, to which beside the usual Windows versions (95, 98, 2000, NT, XP) and the Macintosh operating system also an automatic dial in Konfigurationstool for Linux offered.

In Germany CompuServe at the beginning of the 90's became admits, by the distribution of installation programs on CD-ROM, the technical periodicals supplements, in addition, by offers of numerous enterprises. So the user could receive the editorial of the week magazine of the MIRRORS starting from Sunday including the current frontispiece. In addition, the Vobis forum, Dr. Neuhaus forum, Microsoft Germany forum, German Press Agency press releases, Reuters graphic data bank, German course information, chip magazine forum contributed to the establishment and amounted 1996 to over 200.000 users in Germany. 1999 had AOL and CompuServe together over 3 million user in Germany.

after 1998

AOL led the new software "CompuServe 2000" in a AOL Client, which accessed instead of on AOL content from CompuServe, technical things such as E-Mail however across AOL completed. The existing software and that access via HMI were renamed in "CompuServe Classik". On the CompuServe forums became over Internet (Webview of the HMI forums) accessing AOL aligned CompuServe more strongly than ISP and closed most forums. Most forum operators tried to summarize their existing forums, in order to make in such a way from 2 to 3 not completely profitable forums a profitable. AOL closed however also of this nearly all and opened as replacement some new forums. Expectation, the concentration on few new forums would unite, fulfilled themselves the existing Communitys not. The users of the before existing forums left CompuServe, the remaining were enough not, in order to operate the new forums economically. The German support forums were replaced by a new, which only over Internet was attainable, - the user numbers of CompuServe Classic continued to sink. Thereupon all German forums were closed and all advertisement for Classik was stopped. The development in the other European countries did not run, even if partly zeitvesetzt, according to CompuServe 2000 worked satisfactorily in Europe and was completely adjusted. In the USA "CompuServe became 2000" by favourable prices (Flatrate) and substantial advertisement a success.

The "CompuServe judgement"

The name CompuServe is connected in the iurisdiction to the Internet with an important judgement: Thus the regional court Munich I decided 1999 in a judgement in favor of of CompuServe that Internet Provider cannot be made responsible for contents distributed over News servers after the IuKDG. The appropriate guiding principle of the judgement read literally:

"(2) service tenderers are to be prevented responsible for stranger of contents, which hold them ready for use, only then, if they from these contents of knowledge have and it them technically possible and reasonable is, their use."

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