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Commandos is a well-known, taktiklastiges real time strategy play, whose action is settled in the Second World War.

The first part, Commandos: Behind hostile lines, on 1 July 1998 by Eidos Interactive one published. The extension appeared under the title Commandos: On behalf the honour. So far two continuations (Commandos 2 appeared: Men OF courage and Commandos 3: Destination Berlin).

Play principle

The player must play different campaigns to the end, their scenes the actual places of work of the allied command troops of the Second World War is shared (Norway, North Africa, France, Germany).

For the 20 missions of the first part 6 characters (Green Beret, sniper, navy, pioneer, driver, feeler gauge) are available, which possess different in each case abilities. Only by the skillful and probably considered employment of the correct Commandos a mission can be won. The Green Beret is most frequently used.

The playing field is observed by the bird perspective. The Commandos is at the beginning of each employment at a fixed point. The opposing soldiers run patrols or stand on a firm place. The field of vision of an enemy can be indicated; it is divided into a close range, within which the player in any case is seen, and into a far range, within which the Commandos can move creeping, without to be sighted.

The player must switch the opponent off with certain techniques, in order to arrive at its goals. As weapons pistols, rifles, measurer, a poison syringe, a harpoon are to it and depending upon employment also hand grenades at the disposal. From time to time it is also possible, vehicles, as for instance tanks, to steer. The employment goals are different: mostly a certain object is to be blown up. In addition, release and conquest missions are to be fulfilled.

In the extension Commandos: On behalf the honour it was to be struck down for the first time possible the enemy and bound. Also this is so far the only part, in which the caught soldier with reproached weapon can be steered.

German play version

The German variant of Commandos was defused regarding the force representation. Thus for example no more blood is to be seen, and pleased opponent transform immediately into a Soldatengrab. When waiving and carrying away the enemies the body is however again visible.

In the second part of Commandos 2: Men OF courage transformed pleasures even into all swastikas from the play were removed.

Commandos Strike Force

To 17. March 2006 appeared the Ego Shooter "Commandos Strike Force" for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and the PC. The play is developed by the Pyro of Studios and driven out by the Publisher Eidos.

The player steers playable characters up to three by a three-part singles match he campaign and fights in countries such as Norway or Russia against the opponents. The play offers altogether 13 levels, 10 different weapons and a Multiplayer mode.

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