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Page modified: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 03:01:31

The coffee expensive law (abbreviation and abbreviation: KaffeeStG) is to be found in the last complete version of the 21.Dezember 1992 in the federal law gazette (BGBl.) I page 2150 and 2199. It last became by law from 23 December 2003, BGBl. I P. 2924, 2929 changed.

An indirect federal tax is coffee expensive and as use of you is regarded from its tax type.

The estimated tax revenue amounted to country widely approximately 1 billion euro in the year 2004.

By the coffee expensive law coffee as well as into the tax area spent kaffeehaltige goods are taxed. The goal of the taxation is the procurement from incomes to the financing of the public expenditures.

Coffee-expensively was immensely high until 1953, so that a lucrative coffee smuggling existed particularly at the German west border: Aachener coffee front.

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