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The coffee decree in such a way specified (and/or coffee decree) was published on 16 February 2005 by the German Federal Department of Finance. This concerns an administrativeinternal regulation (file reference E.G. 1 - P 1011-9/04) to the regulation of the corruption precaution, which applies to all persons employed of the federal tariff and federal financial administration. Beside other one it is forbidden to officials, who exercise controlling, searching and supervising activities, by accepting each still so small privilege.

The decree encountered with the concerning criticism, since it also the possibilities of harmless politeness offers, as for example a glass limits water or a cup coffee to assume. Likewise thereby collections of money among the persons employed themselves are forbidden (for example with weddings, birthdays, retirement, etc.).

Federal Minister of Finance called the coffee decree in such a way specified on 3 February 2006 at a personnel meeting in the Federal Ministry of finances "imbecility ". Therefore is to be assumed the coffee decree before the abolition stands.

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