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Code name of tank phase 1

The computer game code name: Tank - phase I is by the Hungarian Entwicklerstudio Stormregion developed and by the Publisher CDV a real time strategy play driven out in Germany. The publication in the year 2004 could achieve good criticisms in the play magazines, was however no sales impact.

The action plays in the Second World War on the battlegrounds in Europe. The German campaign begins with the blitzkrieg against Poland, France and the Soviet Union and ends in Stalingrad. Here the Russian campaign follows, which to the battle around Berlin and Reichstag leads. The campaign of the westallied begins with the operation Overlord, the landing in normandy. Further playable battles are the operation Market guards and the Ardennenoffensive

Code name: Tank had no structure part, it is thus rather a tactics as a strategy play. One receives units, by collecting points of prestige, which one uses at the beginning of a mission, in order to buy new units. One receives these points of prestige, by creating previous missions with small losses and secret goals fulfilled. The play does not lay a claim on historical correctness.

Code name of tank phase 2

The long-longed successor presents itself with larger battlegrounds and a higher number of different units. Finally also a map editor was inserted. The day and night change remain tactically unused. The Senario in phase 2 is the North Africa campaign, which became release of Italy and the guerilla warfare in Jugoslawien.Als new new parties Italy and partisans inserted, who arise however only in a campaign and use the same units as Russia.

Code name of tank phase 3

RfB: Tank (Rush for Berlin: Tank) is the third part of the series. The play consists of 26 missions, partitioned in four campaigns, with rising degree of difficulty. As a new party the French resistance is playable. Apart from improvements in the diagram this part contains also new, fictitious units.

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