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A clyster serves for the emptying of intestine before investigations or with blockage and for the preparation on the Analsex (the so-called "klystieren"). Today for reasons of the simpler handling finished clysters are used predominantly, which are available e.g. under the trade names for babies and infants or under Practo for adults. It is differentiated between mini clysters with 5-10 ml and normal clysters with 50-200 ml volumes. If liquids are given of more than about 200 ml, one speaks of an intake. The most common clyster solution for emptying of intestine, even manufactured, is a mixture made of glycerin and water in the mixing proportion 1:3 and a quantity of approximately 100 ml. Still faster a small clyster with 10 works ml glycerin and 10 ml water mixed. This clyster will be directly pressed out above all babies and infants given, so that it can bring its complete effect, without again. With babies and infants worked satisfactorily to press after the gift of the clyster the Pobacken for some minutes together and afterwards to windings. Older children are asked, the using chair urge so long as to be suppressed possible, in order to obtain a sufficient emptying of intestine.

In certain cases also different medicines are ordered in the form of clysters to bring for example, if inflammatory intestine illnesses are present, in order the active substances directly to the place of the happening. There is mostly which are brought in liquid form or as foam into the final intestine. These medicines are to remain as for a long time, best as possible over night, in the intestine, in order to obtain an optimal effect. They are brought about one hour after an emptying of intestine as slowly as possible into the final intestine, in order to release no further emptying reflex.

To Tipps & cheat

  • With babies and infants also worked to give not immediately after the first emptying of intestine a fresh diaper since still further emptying of chair can follow within short time.
  • The effect of the exhausting clyster can be strengthened also by the fact that the patient after gift of the clyster somewhat gone and as for a long time as possible suppresses its chair urge.
  • With chronic blockage with very hard chair also the gift of a clyster with approximately 100-250 can be helpful ml body-warm olive oil. The olive oil remains over night in the intestine and on the next morning follows a cleaning intake.

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