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Clodwig Kapferer (* 29 April 1901 in Freiburg in mash gau; "† 22 December 1997 in Hamburg) was a German economist and pioneer in the areas market study, export promotion and development assistance.


Clodwig Kapferer was born 1901 in Freiburg in mash gau as younger of five sons. After human training it studied political sciences in Freiburg, attaining, Berlin and peppering castle and attained a doctorate 1922 at the philosophical faculty of the Friedrich Alexander university in attaining to the Dr. rer. pole with its paper "the foreign trade policy of Czechoslovakia".

Its vocational career began Kapferer 1920 as an adviser of the branch Nuremberg of the foreign trade office of the Foreign Office. Its task existed among other things in the observation of economical conditions of the foreign country in its relationship with the northBavarian and southThuringian economy. In Nuremberg it met also on William Vershofen, Ludwig Erhard, Georg Bergler and Erich shepherd; so some forscherische and honorary activity interconnected it by many years.

1929 pulled it to Clodwig Kapferer to Hamburg, where he established himself as a "advisory political economist for export questions"; it created the "investigation place for foreign market research". An intensive time of the journeys to all world folgte.1931/32 developed in Cologne the "expert partnership Dr. Kapferer and Dr. cracks" for "market investigations abroad"; free coworker was Dr. Julius Erik Schwenzer, with which he later created a society for market study. In addition a training order at the university came to Cologne for Kapferer.

heavy times for Kapferer followed 1940/41: Delivery stop for its writings, prohibition of the remuneration of coworkers abroad (foreign exchange prohibition), professional disqualification, exile in Italy and France, internment camp in France, arrest by the Gestapo, remand in Cologne.

To its dismissal - with the edition to exercise only a dependent vocational activity - Clodwig Kapferer went 1941 to into Westphalia, in order to establish for the "research centre for general and textile free-market economy", created of Alfred Mueller Armack (the later undersecretary of state of Ludwig Erhard), at the University of a foreign department. This research centre dedicated itself to the investigation in and foreign markets for the textile industry.

At the end of of 1942 returned Kapferer to Hamburg, to the place of origin of its working in the export market study. Under the name of its partner Julius Erik Schwenzner it worked as export-oh-reasonable.

After end of the Second World War Clodwig Kapferer developed manifold activities in Hamburg: - it created 1945 together with Julius Erik Schwenzner and Kurt bus man the "GfM society for market study", Hamburg. - 1946 followed together with Jens H. Schmidt the establishment of "Dr. Kapferer & Dr. Schmidt society for restaurant economics and market investigation", Hamburg, which established already soon the advertising statistics (admits become as K+S statistics or K+S collections) in Germany (later: Schmidt & Pohlmann society for advertising statistics, then Nielsen advertising research S+P). - 1948 took place the appointment Kapferers to the director of the HWWA Hamburgi world economy archives, which he removed from pure archives to one of the prominent German research institutes for economics; after 15 years it separated at the beginning of of 1964 from the services of the institute. - 1949 brought Clodwig Kapferer together with George Bergler, Erich shepherd, Jens H. Schmidt and Julius E. Schwenzer the "working group for economical market and marketing research" into being; from this the ADM working group of German market and social research institutes registered association followed later.


Also after its parting from the HWWA Kapferers interest applied further for its three large fields of activity: Export promotion, development assistance and market study. Among its most important publications in these areas rank:

  • Export promotion (1929)
  • Export as the subject of the research and teachings (1933)
  • Export operating teachings, together with Julius E. Schwenzner (1935)
  • Independent technical consultation. Their meaning for the development of underdeveloped areas and for German export (1954)
  • The underdeveloped areas; an international obligation (1955)
  • Safety device of our export by elevation of the purchasing power in raw material countries (1958)
  • Promotion of development assistance by elevation of the import from developing countries (1962)
  • Export promotion as development assistance (1963)
  • Development assistance by advertising assistance (1963)
  • Market Research Methods in Europe (1964)
  • Sources for statistic market data (1964)
  • Cooperative market study (federation market study), together with Wolfgang K.A. Disch (1965)
  • Sales forecast, together with Wolfgang K.A. Disch (1965)
  • Kapferer's marketing dictionary (1979; 4. Edition 1992)
  • A life for the information; Experiences and theories from six decades (1983)
  • To the history of the German market study; Recordings of a man, who was thereby (1994).


Clodwig Kapferer was humans, who never pushed themselves into the foreground. Perhaps one looked for therefore so frequently its advice, so the OECD, the RKW, land associations, the development Ministry, national and international combinations of the market study and management.

1964 were distinguished Clodwig Kapferer with the "William verse yard EN memory medal"; this, which memories lent dedicated medal to the founder of the society for consumer research (GRP) at William Vershofen, Nuremberg, of GRP, in order to honour personalities, it around the scientific market study earns itself to have made.

1997 died professor Clodwig Kapferer in 97. Lebensjahr in Hamburg.

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