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The climbing picture after Wala and Lilly Kolisko is a scientifically not recognized procedure from the anthroposophischen research for the evaluation of the so-called "vital quality" or "vitality "by food to be suitable is. It is ranked together with other methods among the picture-creative methods.

An aqueous excerpt of the investigation sample is brought together with silver nitrate in a chromatography paper without presence of an electrical field to the rise. After an intermediate drying time those about 2 to 3 hours lasts, ascends the silver nitrate solution. This exceeds the so-called juice paste front around scarcely 1 cm. The climbing fronts of the first and second climbing phase remain often still recognizable as horizontal line in the finished picture. After a renewed drying time the third climbing phase with Eisensulfat up to a total climbing height of approx. twelve centimeters follows. After the following drying procedure a sample its is to "shape" a statement about the quality to make possible is on the paper.

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