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Clifford Hugh Douglas (* 20 January 1879, "† 29 September 1952 in Fearnan, Scotland) was a Scottish engineer, who developed restaurant economics of the Social Credit.


After Douglas had locked his mathematics study at the University of Cambridge, it in different enterprises and industries worked as an engineer. The work led it in leading positions to north and South America and to India.

When Douglas was busy of Farnborough during the First World War in the aircraft plants, it stated that the production of the enterprise exceeded the sum of the funds disbursed as salaries and dividends measured in prices.

Douglas examined the characteristic data of more than hundred large British enterprises and stated with the fact that with all - except in enterprises, which were the bankruptcy close - the disbursed sums lower were measured than production in prices. These observations and the conclusions drawn from it published Douglas in the English Review under the title "The Delusion OF super Production ". In the consequence he developed the thoughts on the concept of the Social Credit, described there.

Anti-Semitic minutes of the ways of Zion had substantial influence on Douglas theories. Constructing on these he understood the existing monetary system as part of one "Jewish world conspiracy ". Also after "minutes were exposed "as falsification, Douglas explained that they reflected "the facts of the daily life ".

In the 1920er and 1930er years wound Douglas strengthens the economic policy too. He was appointed the advisor of several parliamentary committees in Canada and Great Britain. On expanded journeys it represented its theories in different countries, among other things before members of the US senate and the Norwegian king Haakon.

During this time Douglas published further books concerning his theories.

Constructing on Douglas' ideas of the Social Credit a social movement, which led to the establishment of several political parties, developed among other things the Social Credit party OF Canada and the Social Credit party in New Zealand.


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