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Claus's charcoal burner (* 5. March 1928 in Berlin) is a German political economist.


  • Diploma political economist (1949 Humboldt university Berlin)
  • Dr. rer. pole - for economic science (1950 free University of Berlin)
  • Private lecturer in political economy (1961 technical University of Berlin)
  • 1950-1951 coworkers German Institut for economic research
  • 1951-1959 coworkers citizen of Berlin banks
  • 1959-1966 member of the executive committee of a German finance company and member of the board of directors Swiss financial getting things
  • 1966-1974 o.Professor for political economy at the technical University of Hanover
  • 1969-1974 member D. Board of experts for investigation D. gesamtwirtschaftl. Development
  • 1974-1990 member of the board of directors of the German Federal Bank
  • 1990-1996 member D. Board of directors D. Trust establishment and D. Federal Institution for combination-conditioned special tasks
  • 1991-2000 member board of the OF Directors of two unit trust fund in New York
  • 1991-2003 member of the Advisory panel of the central bank Oman
  • since 1974 fee professor at the University of Hanover
  • since 1981 fee professor at the University of Frankfurt A.M.


  • Large Distinguished Service Cross with star of the earnings/service medal of the Federal Republic of Germany (1990)
  • - Dr. rer. pole. - for political sciences of the University of Hanover (1991)
  • Goethe medal D. Specialist area economic science D. University of Frankfurt A.M. (1993)


  • The monetary circulation. Money-theoretical theses in the mirror of the experience, Berlin 1962
  • Guideline assistance for the credit policy, Berlin 1968
  • Money economy Bd. I supply of money and credit policy, Berlin 1970, 2.Ed.1977, Bd. II balance of payments and rate of exchange, Berlin 1979, Bd.III restaurant economics. Goals and restaurant economics. Strategy, Berlin 1983
  • Potential-oriented credit policy, Berlin 1971
  • Problems of the central bank money supply control, Berlin 1976
  • Monetary control - Stability into the World Monetary system, Berlin 1985
  • International economics - a system of open national economies, Berlin 1990
  • The tension number - an indicator of the overall economic development, Berlin 1994
  • The transition from the planned economy to the free-market economy to East Germany - 4 1/2 year trust establishment, Berlin 1995
  • Price stability and of a global economy - the contribution of an potential-oriented money and credit policy, a Landsberg/a Lech 1996
  • Economical short comment: Contractual bases of the European monetary union, Berlin 1999
  • Economical short comment: Resolutions to a erroneous trend-free economic development in the EWU, Berlin 2000
  • Guideline assistance for the economic policy, Berlin 2004

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