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Claus Jacobi (* 4 January 1927 in Hamburg) is a German journalist.

Jacobi, son of a buyer, was end 2. World war as a sea-cadet actively. After it (1945) he briefly became a journalist. Over 30 years long Jacobi in different positions functioned with large German press organs: With "the mirror "(1962 - 1968 editor-in-chief), "the world at Sunday "(editor-in-chief, to end of 1998 publishers), "the restaurant week "(editor-in-chief), "the world "(editor-in-chief, late publisher) as well as "the picture newspaper "(director of editorship).

Today Jacobi works as columnist for the picture newspaper ("my diary"). In addition it is a book author.

In the year 2003 it was distinguished for its activity of many years as an editor-in-chief "of the world "and "world on Sunday "with the golden feather/spring.

Writings (selection)

  • The human spring tide, Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Vienna 1969
  • Us 100 years remain. Causes and effects of the population explosion, Frankfurt/Main and Berlin 1986, ISBN 3-550-07739-4
  • as publishers, together with Josef Nyary: My most beautiful Bible place. Confessions creditors humans, Munich and Berlin 1988, ISBN 3-7766-1523-0
  • as publishers: In it I believe. Confessions of prominent today, Munich 1988, ISBN 3-7766-1546-X
  • Stranger, friends, enemies. Private contemporary history, Berlin and a Frankfurt/Main 1991, ISBN 3-550-07804-8
  • Departure between Elbe and or. The new German countries, Berlin and Frankfurt/Main 1995, ISBN 3-550-07084-5
  • 50 years Axel Springer publishing house. 1946 - 1996, Berlin and Hamburg 1996
  • The chocolate king. The unbelievable life of the Hans Imhoff, Munich 1997, ISBN 3-7844-2650-6
  • Our fifty years. Memories of a time witness, Munich 1999, ISBN 3-7766-2117-6
  • together with Tom Jacobi: Where God lives. Mythi places of mankind, Munich 2000, ISBN 3-7774-8780-5
  • In the wheel of history. German conditions, Munich 2002, ISBN 3-7766-2237-7
  • The publisher Axel Springer. A biography from the proximity, Munich 2005, ISBN 3-7766-2440-X

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