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Claudia of Werlhof (* 1943) is Professorin for woman research at Institut for political science of the University of Innsbruck. She works on a toolistic society theory of the Patriarchats as well as the alternatives to it. In addition and researched it lived for many years in developing countries, in particular in Latin America.

Werlhof studied national economy and sociology in Cologne and Hamburg. 1968-70 followed a graduation scholarship in Central America. 1974/75 were it trainingassigned at the specialist area society sciences of the University of Frankfurt/Main. 1977-79 researched it in Venezuela.

1975-1986 worked it as a scientific female assistant on the practice emphasis development policy of the University of Bielefeld. 1984 habilitierte it in political science at the University of Frankfurt with a work over the woman and agricultural problem in the third world. It was trainingassigned and Gastprofessorin at different in and foreign universities.

From the outset was engaged Claudia of Werlhof in the women's movement. It is considered as a co-foundress of the woman research in the Federal Republic of Germany and together with Maria Mies and Veronika Bennholdt Thomsen as of the She worked on civilian-social alternatives to the globalization, developed the Patriarchatskritik further and operated toolistic basic and Matriarchatsforschung.


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