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The classification is in the juridical system of the Federal Republic of Germany a determining, more loading - no ordered - act of administration, the goal has the foreigner from the Federal Republic of Germany to remove and it the reentry and (further) a residence permit refuse. By the classification if necessary given residence permits become ineffective ("§ 44 I No. 1 AuslG). It is directed against foreigners, whose stay in the Federal Republic of Germany impairs public security and order or other substantial interests ("§"§ 45 FF. German aliens act). No residence permit may be given to proven foreigners. They may not enter again into the federal territory ("§ 8 exp. 2 AuslG). On request this locking action in such a way specified can be limited.

If foreigners have special classification protection ("§ 48 AuslG), they may be proven only for serious reasons of public security and order. Liberality-entitled European Union foreigners may be expelled only considering "§ 12 of the AufenthG/EWG.

In the colloquial language and in the media the terms classification and deportation are gladly synonymously used. The difference to the deportation is however that it concerns with the deportation the means of coercion, with which the stay is terminated.

The UNHCR defines the term of the classification as follows: Ausserlandesschaffung of a person, who is rightfully in the territory of a state, by the government authorities of this state. According to kind 32 GK a refugee may be expelled only for reasons of public security and order. The procedures, in which the expulsion order is seized, must be fair and fair and the refugee should an appropriate period be granted to find in order to give it the possibility, in another country admission. (UNHCR, manual for parliamentarian, 2/2001)

The definitions of the classification after German right with that of the UNHCR are not thus necessarily congruent.

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