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A cigarette box is a container, usually made of pasteboard, in which several cigarettes are contained. The box is laid out and by a transparent foil hermetically locked with a flavour protection paper or a flavour protective plastic film. By pulling the so-called "Pull Tabs "the box is opened. Contrary to softly luggage in such a way specified are again lockable cigarette boxes. In Switzerland instead of Zigarrettenschachtel the expression cigarette package is used more frequently.

For cigarette automats the boxes have usually a uniform size.

Package size

Increases of the selling prices or tax on tobacco can lead a smooth automat-suited final selling price in some countries to it that the number of the contained cigarettes changes, in order to receive.

In Switzerland the package size is fixed on 20 pieces. Automat cigarettes can deviate concerning the price from the normal selling price, since normally to the next 50-Rappen-Grenze one rounds up.

In Germany a minimum size of 17 pieces is fixed of the legislator. The usual package size is with 19 pieces. In addition, some marks offer so-called Big of luggage, which can contain up to 25 cigarettes.

In Austria 20's packings are usual. Only with individual marks however also larger or smaller. Also in automats likewise only 20's-packings are contained. At present before introduction of the euro cigarette prices in whole Schilling were to be paid, since the conversion give most automats back money.

Into the 1970er there were years in Austria also packings with 10 pieces contents. Cigarettes could be sold also individually. This was quite usual in hotels. In Great Britain and other countries both decimal packings and Einzelverkauf are this very day usual. Also in Germany were established starting from 2003 decimal packings, which however were finally forbidden to center 2004, with the reason, which these smaller and thus more favorable boxes young person more would animate to smoking than the normal boxes.

Tax tax stamp

The cigarette box contains a glued on tax tax stamp, which documents the taxation of the contained cigarettes and concomitantly the origin in many countries at the top side.

Warning references

Since January 2004 clearly visible warning references to cigarette packings are prescribed in many countries of the European Union. In Germany the duty to warn is standardized by the tobacco product regulation from 20 November 2002; this serves the conversion of the European Union guideline over the production, opening and the sales of Tabakerzeugnissen (2001/37/EG). In the legal text size and organization of the warning references are geregetlt in detail. In addition the wording of the warning references is specified: Apart from the general warning references "smoking is deadly "or "smoking can be deadly "or "smoking adds you and humans in its environment substantial damage too "must a supplementing warning reference from the following list be attached in each case:

  1. Smokers die in former times.
  2. Smoke lead to the blockage of the Arterien and cause cardiac infarcts and impact accumulations.
  3. Smoke causes deadly cancer of the lungs.
  4. Smoke in the pregnancy harms your child.
  5. Protect children - do not let them your tobacco smoke inhale!
  6. Their physician or pharmacist can help you to give a smoking up.
  7. Smoke makes very fast dependent: Do not begin!
  8. Who gives a smoking up, the risk of deadly heart and lung illnesses reduces.
  9. To smoke can lead to a slow and painful death.
  10. Here you find to assistance, if you liked to give a smoking up: Federal center for health clearing-up (BZgA) Tel.: 01805-313131,
  11. To smoke Impotenz can lead to blood circulation disturbances and causes.
  12. To smoke your skin lets age.
  13. To smoke the Spermatozoen can damage and limits the fertility.
  14. Smoke contains benzene, Nitrosamine, formaldehyde and prussic acid.

The warning references are to be used alternating in such a way that they appear regular on the packings.

However equal a new market opened itself. Also made of paper manufactured practicing educators are offered, who over the box pushed over it, exactly these warning texts to take off. In addition the paragraph in former times of the often used cigarette doses, where the cigarettes from the box are shifted into a metal covering, rose again precipitously.

Further the indication of the tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide content is prescribed.

An aggravation of the warning references by shocking pictures is, how it is already usual in the USA or Canada, is European Union far planned.


Cannabis consumers tear the sticking strips in the cover, contained in cigarette boxes, often out, in order to roll from it a filter (tip) for a Joint. The colloquial term for this special filter is "Spacer "(space = area), since it serves for it in the Joint a place to create in which the smoke is cooled.

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