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Cicero is an appearing monthly, liberal-conservatively aligned political magazine.


In the spring by Swiss publishing house Ringier a "magazine was brought to 2004 for political culture" on the German-language market. The publishing house, which publishes the boulevard newspaper view in Switzerland, pursues the goal with this project of offering a German-language counterpart to the large US magazines New Yorker ones and Atlantic Monthly.

Although in Germany since the establishment of the news magazine focus could hold itself no new political sheet on the magazine market and with transatlantic a similarly stored attempt into the 1980er years already once failed, Cicero achieved in the meantime a sold edition of approx. 66,000 copies (imprint in number 03/2006).

Political orientation

As far as in the broad spectrum of the published authors a political line can show itself, Cicero is to be arranged rather liberal-conservatively. Beside well-known guest authors (the title history of the first edition wrote the Federal Chancellor at that time Gerhard in the second expenditure came it from Martin Walser) a firm circle of journalists works regularly for the sheet, under it Maxim Biller, Vladimir Kaminer and Klaus Harpprecht. Editor-in-chief of Cicero is tungsten Weimer.


In September 2005 the public prosecutor's office potsdam let the editorial offices of the magazine scan. Cause was an article in the April booklet, in which the journalist Bruno Schirra the Iraqi terrorist Abu Musab az-Zarqawi had portraitiert and quoted information from confidential documents of the Federal Criminal Investigation Office (see). The search was criticized in the German press as attack on the independent journalism and parallels are drawn to the mirror affair 1962. Cicero editor-in-chief Wolfram Weimer and Schirra are accused aid to the secret betrayal. FDP, the Greens and the left wing party. consider a parliamentary committee of inquiry in addition. In October 2005 therefore a special meeting of the Bundestagsinnenauschusses took place, with which the responsible person should refer Federals Minister of the Interior Otto Schily in closed meeting to reproaches of the public prosecutor's office position, those because of suspicion of the secret betrayal initiated search at Cicero was disproportionate.

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