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By church marketing one understands marketing for church organizations and religious communities. It concerns here an instrument of the market-focused management, which covers conception, conversion and evaluation of strategies and offers a systematic beginning, in order market and customer-orients decisions to meet.


"The adjustment of an enterprise on the promotion of the paragraph ", as the Duden defines the term marketing, is also for churches and religious communities of interest. Because also for it there is a market and thus also competition. National churches could this circumstance however long time ignore, had them by the guaranteed entrance of the church tax hardly about their finances worry. In the United States was this however always different. Therefore US-American churches operate marketing for decades systematically and as task of everyday life. In this country one was brought this term only about to 1995 for the first time by Hans and Steffen Hillebrecht into the broad scientific discussion of Germany.

This linkage with marketing technology and - research was only taken up religious communities first by churches, and scientists, in order to be able to answer questions approximately around the special situation of the churches and religious communities. Skepticism, if not even the enemy picture in relation to economical instruments such as advertisement or marketing was too strong. These doubts however orient themselves anyway to a large extent unnecessarily increasingly as recognized, particularly since Social recognized marketing and marketing for Non profit organizations and represents unquestioned management instruments, at those church marketing. Professor "With church marketing it does not concern, love and personal allowance for marked out, but it concerns nothing else as around a with modern means. "And Xaver Pfister into the Basler church study: "Church marketing does not have the goal, the message, the church is committed to which and which does not lie in its control to correct and change. Rather an assistance stands to be in the service of this message, it wants that this message more precisely and more understandable can be communicated. Church marketing wants the experiences and realizations marketing for the specific requests of the church usable to make. "

The religious basis of church acting or personal faith convictions is therefore today usually no more reason to lead a religious community without strategy and without economic consciousness. The churches become conscious that their value in the western society lost dramatically at meaning. In view of the social change, to them consciously that market and competition provoke it it will go to an increasing secularization, an often dramatic drift of and the all-side strained budgetary situation to develop new "products "and offers unusual "selling ways "and in an unlocked way with "the customer "will communicate. Thus it already gives marketing experts, who specialized in church marketing - many ministers or theologians former of them, who connect their church experience with economical know-how.

Thus Wilfried even minister and marketing expert writes: "The church is not any more monopoly offerer on the market of the sense search, her competition got. Also within the non-religious ranges, within which the church is active, enterprises were established, which developed with the help of public promotion and private support as profitable business concerns and with the church around these promotion funds to compete. For the church this competition can be regarded either as danger or as chance. Danger, because you seem to run away the municipality members; Chance, because by reflection and back meditation to actual strengths function and activity of the church can again be aligned and be hit by appropriate changes a positive way toward future. The challenges of the present and the future must be taken up and accepted.

Church marketing activities

Beginnings of religious efforts of marketing are in reality for decades well-known and under terms like "church advertisement", "public work" or "church message" also regularly are already practiced. The strategic action adjustment is based thereby on contents of the Bible, how: ""… goes into all world. ",""… you are to give your tenth"… "etc.

In the context of the youth work churches and religious communities try to win an however position, by offering meaningful, weekly Treffs and trying over free times the particular to the community to bind. Aimed young people are addressed, in order to win future members and to train coworkers for the groups of young people.

In the context of the God-official achievements donations for regional and supraregional projects are collected, current life situations by means of Biblical statements are lit up and achievements of the community before the background of the joint example applied.



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