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Chrono trigger is a video game of the Japanese software softwareschmiede Squaresoft and the category of the games of roles. It appeared 1995 in America for the super Nintendo Entertainment system (SNES) and 2001 something revises IV under the name Final Fantasy Chronicles (which anything with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to do does not have) for Sony PlayStation together with Final Fantasy. In Europe it was however never published, although it was quite popular also in the USA.

Remarkably in the play, and thus probably to a not insignificant part in its success involved, was above all the variety of the expiration of play: Despite a on the whole linear action it was possible to erspielen for 10 different final sequences for the SNES version and 12 different final sequences for the PSX version, which resulted from the respective actions of the player. Also the diagram was quite noteworthy for the time at that time and the used hardware. For the Playstation version the play additionally FMV sequences were

Character designer for Chrono trigger was Akira Toriyama, which admits by Dragonball and Dr. Slump became and who became music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu.

The successors of Chrono trigger are the Textadventure Radical Dreamers for the Satellaview and the Chrono CROSS for the PlayStation, which is based on it.

Since 2003 there is also a one-piece Anime (OVA) with same title.


Chrono trigger acts of the Protagonisten Crono and its friends, by the time travels around the future from the extraterrestial parasite named Lavos to save. In the course of the play them thereby characters conclude themselves from different epochs on (in the order of their emerging):

  • the main character Crono,
  • the rebellious princess Marle,
  • the ingenious Erfinderin Lucca,
  • the knight Frog,
  • the robot Robo,
  • the cave woman Ayla
  • the dark Magier Magus.

The group travels by time gates and later a flying time machine named Epoch to seven different epochs:

  • time (65.000.000 v. Chr.),
  • Ice age (12,000 v. Chr.),
  • The Middle Ages (600 n. Chr.),
  • Present (1000 n. Chr.),
  • Apokalypse by Lavos (1999 n. Chr.),
  • Postapokalypti future (2300 n. Chr.) and
  • End of the time (8 n. Chr.).

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