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Christopher Darlington Morley (* 5. May 1890 in Haverford (Pennsylvania); "† 28. March 1957) was American publisher, writer and Sherlockianer.

Morley was born as a son of a mathematics professor. It studied in Haverford and acquired 1910 a Rhodes Scholarship at the new college in Oxford. There it came into contact with the theologian Ronald Knox and heard its sow-Irish speech "Studies into the literature OF Sherlock of cross-beam".

Returned to America Morley worked as columnist and a publisher of some magazines. In addition it published numerous popular narrations and novels such as Parnassus on Wheels (1917), The Haunted Bookshop (1919), Thunder on the Left (1925) or Kitty Foil (1939) (1940 film).

First it wrote in Philadelphia for the Ladies Home journal and the Evening Public Ledger. 1920 it returned to New York and worked temporarily for the Literary Review supplement of the Evening post office. 1926 he became joint founder of the Saturday Review OF Literature, which he led from 1924-1940.

Beyond that it organized the "Three Hours in New York for Lunch club", an irregularly organized society event, from which the Sherlock cross-beam company of the Baker Street Irregulars should come out. Part the club life was the formed maintenance about Sherlock cross-beam stories. Morley specified in addition rules of the Sherlockian Reading and wrote even numerous contributions in this sense. Its study is most well-known in Memorium: Sherlock of cross-beam (1930) as well as the preface to the Doubleday expenditure The Complete Sherlock of cross-beam.

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