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Christiane to Salm (geb. as Christiane Hansen; * 2 October 1966 in Mainz) is a German Medienunternehmerin and - managerin. From 1998 to 2001 it was business guide of MTV cent ral Europe. 2001 to 2005 were it business guide and Anteilseignerin of the private station tm3, which she renamed later in 9Live. With this transmitter it converted up to then a format not dagewesenes on the German television.


The daughter of a publisher (Volker Hansen) visited a monastery school. 1985 to 1988 made it teachings the publishing house purchase woman with the S. Fischer publishing house in Frankfurt/Main. In the same year it completed a practical course with of Los Angeles of Time Syndicate in New York and began a study of the management economics at the Ludwig Maximilians university in Munich. 1992 locked it there it. During the study she worked on partial time base at the Matuschka Group in Munich.

1993 became it Referentin of the management of the UFA film and television GmbH in Hamburg. 1994 became it department department of Merchandising & music productions of the Grundy UFA TV production GmbH in Berlin, created a music publishing house and a music label. 1995 to 1997 were it chief of the child program of the UFA television production GmbH.

1997 made itself it independent as acting Gesellschafterin of the music publishing house Media Branding GmbH. 1998 became it business guide of the music transmitter MTV for the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In March 2001 it left the transmitter, in order to become chairmen of the board of the Euvia Media AG. It became at the same time business guide of the Euvia Travel GmbH, the purchase and operator company of sun clear TV and the chairman of the management of the 9Live television GmbH & CO. Kg. After the sales of its business shares on sun clear it gave TV and 9Live up to the ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG this activity in September 2005. Since February 2006 it is a chief of the German branch of the Spanish starting UP company FON. FON would like to establish a global Hot Spot net on Wireless LAN basis.

To Salm Ludwig prince married 1995 the medium manager to Salm Salm. The marriage became divorced after seven years. In the meantime it lives together with George Kofler, boss of the transmitter premiere. 2004 were born its common daughter Felicia Greta Kofler.

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