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A chimney oven, a or a Sweden furnace is a furnace for fossil or biogenous fuels, which stands before the chimney, and with a Ofenrohr is attached to these. It is to be differentiated from an open fire-place to that extent, since it is usually not inserted, and a closed combustion chamber has.


It is manufactured, possible from cast irons or steel sheet with windowpanes for free view into the heating space and delivers the heat energy in the form of radiation, predominantly however over convection directly to the area. It can be a central element with the organization of a living room.

Water-prominent chimney ovens

Modern, water-prominent chimney ovens deliver their warmth over the central heating to all rooms of the house and heat the list room additionally. They distribute the energy evenly in the house, work as a heating system and can also the heisswasserversorgung ensure. Thus or replace they relieve even the heating system and prevent at the same time a of the list area. In connection with the boiler of the heating system the energy from the fire in the evening can be used also still on the next morning, e.g. for the shower. In Germany a thermal expiration operational sequence is prescribed for the water-prominent chimney ovens, which are pressure conducting, since thereby, if the river for the circulation pump precipitates, which is exhausted warmth over that in emergency drinking water flowing through the chimney oven. Water-prominent chimney ovens, which are operated as open, pressure-free plant, do not need the thermal expiration operational sequence however, since despite power failure no pressure can develop itself these chimney ovens here by increased temperatures and is construction dependently intrinsically safe.

Energy balance

Modern chimney ovens, which are fed with renewable energies such as firewood, wood briquette, wood pellets, paper or bio alcohol, contribute contrary to furnaces fed with fossil fuels less to the greenhouse effect. Fine dust missions of up to 1 mg/s and partly a high smelling nuisance limit however the use possibilities of the solid burners.

When using dry, deposited firewood replaces the energy from 1 space meter hardwood (with an energy content of 2.100 KW/H) approx. 210 l fuel oil EL or 200 m natural gas. (1 space meter wood corresponds to 1 m stacked Holzscheite).


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