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Charlotte Marie Anne Corday d'Armont (* 27 August 1768 in Saint Saturnin the Ligneries, France; "† 19 July 1793 in Paris) was a French noble one and great-granddaughter of the dramatist Pierre Corneille, which attained by the murder at Jean Paul Marat celebrity.

Charlotte Corday was educated in a monastery school and was with the antique authors trusts. When the French revolution broke out, it welcomed these first. In the course of the excesses becoming ever by force she saw her ideals betraying however. Jean Paul Marat regarded it as the main evil author, who manipulates this by its proximity to the people and instigates it to uncivilized In the removal Marats saw it the rescue Frankreichs.In Paris let it Marat communicate, she had information about the Girondisten submerged in Caen. On 13 July 1793 it was before-let with it. While it dictated the pieces of news to it, firstoh it in a revolutionary manner the Marat in its bath tub, in which it was because of a skin illness.

To 14. and 15 July it was cross-examined, before one it the revolution tribunal demonstrated. It stood to its act and stated, it had killed "humans, around 100.000 to save".

On the day after the national funeral ceremonies Marats was guillotiniert it.

Charlotte Corday did not achieve its goal: After the murder at Marat the "opponents of the revolution" were more strongly fought than ever before.

The tragic end of the Charlotte Corday inspired several artists, among them Klopstock and Gleim.


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