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Karl "Charles" Schumann, actually shoe man, (* around 1946 in Kirchenthumbach/Upper Palatinate) is a boss one of the most well-known bar enterprises of Germany.

Schumann visited first a Jesuiten boarding school, however still changed before the Abitur to the Federal Border Police. It completed also a hotel management school in Switzerland and went to France. There he got the pointed name "Charles". The Abitur it retrieved and went to Munich, in order to study politics and journalism. Here he worked first as an employee bar man and opened 1982 in the Maximilianstrasse 36 "Schumann's American bar". The restaurant was called the can before.

This restaurant became much admits, even famous. The popularity was supported by the logoartigen signature "Schumann"´s" and several books, which Schumann however only partly wrote. The other part consists of Kurzgeschichten and episodes of other authors, who fit by means of their contents very well about "bar".

2003 it shifted the main restaurant at the Odeonsplatz 6 + 7. Daily bar to the Maffeistrasse was added already before.

Schumann developed many of its Cocktails themselves; their more well-known the "Swimmingpool" might be.

Cocktails invented by Charles Schumann

Some the Cocktailrezepte invented by Schumann are in the Wikibooks collection:

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