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Characteristics are in the legal linguistic usage all indications, in particular words, illustrations, letter, numbers, gestures, hearing character, three-dimensional organizations including the form or other opening including colors and color combinations, which are suitable, persons, to differentiate between articles or actions from others to.

Characteristic right

Characteristics can be protected against unauthorized use in special laws; in particular are:

  • Names of persons (including legal entities), see: Right of the use of a name.
  • Marks for goods or services, see: Trademark law
  • Business designations, see: Enterprise characteristic and work title

The associated regulations are summarized also under the term characteristic right.

Criminal law

Apart from a beside-criminal protection from unauthorized use the use of a characteristic can stand also on its part under punishment, e.g. the use of characteristics of anticonstitutional organizations is in Germany after "ยง 86 StGB posed under punishment.

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