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During a chaotic storekeeping goods put down into an automatic camp, archives or a magazine not after a firm internal order system separate in such a way that they can be stored and taken fast. The chaotic storekeeping makes an optimal use for the storage space possible. For the fact it requires that the individual goods are provided with automatically readable Identifikatoren - for example with a bar code or a Smart label and that the individual positions of the existence in a data base are stored. In this way the identification and localization are possible. With loss of the inventory data these can be determined only at very high expenditure again - for example by a complete emptying and new assembly of the camp. A situation place optimization can be made by mixing concepts despite chaotic storekeeping, which would be otherwise not possible. Only one part of the existence will become chaotically stored or it further parameters the determination of the position of a property considered.

The opposite of a chaotic storekeeping is the fixed place system. The storage of certain materials in a certain place is displaced by the computer-controlled automatic warehouses more and more.

The chaotic storekeeping wins meaning in the economy increasingly; For example the camp of the bookseller functions after chaotic storekeeping. As method for the organization of library magazines it is not so far common.

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