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The chaos computer club (CCC) is a German association of and for hackers. Its most important goals are "uninformativeness "and "a human right on communication ".

The membership is open to everyone, which can identify itself with these goals. Although the hackers see themselves gladly as "galactic community ", which does not want to be instructed on acts of administration, there is a registered association with approximately 1,500 members. The CCC was created, in order to give to hackers a platform, so that they could report on activities, without having to fear prosecution. The cooperation in the CCC is not bound to a membership.

Structure and meetings

The CCC registered association is decentralized in regional groups organized. Smaller groups are called Chaostreffs, during more active and larger ERFA circles (exchange of experience circles) call themselves. The first virtual ERFA circle are the Haecksen, to which female members of the CCC belong.

And meets since 1984 once a year to the chaos Communication Congress interested members. In addition 2003 the chaos Communication Camp on the Paulshof close of the town old Landsberg on the country took place in the summer 1999 and. The international character of the Camps was passed in the meantime to the congress, so that this follows its sub-title "the European hacker party "and as conference language dominates English. Apart from the many lectures on technical and socio-political topics there are also Workshops, e.g. over the Lockpicking. At Easter takes place regularly within smaller framework the workshoporientierte Easterhegg. Beyond that there are many small meetings with up to 200 persons, who are organized by regional groups and partly open meeting of the community are, over the year distributed since beginning of the decade partly lectures to a certain topic offers.

The traditional CCCeBIT Award is lent each year to the computer fair CeBIT in Hanover.


The CCC publishes four times annually the magazine the data centrifuge, the scientific trade paper for data travelers. In the 80's in two expenditures the hacker Bible appeared additional, an extensive manual and Sammelsurium with numerous documents to the hacker scene. The hacker Bibles and all expenditures of the data centrifuge up to the year 2000 are digitized and on that chaos CD available. In addition 21 becomes since that. Chaos Communication Congress a conference volume writes and publishes.

The moreover one on the Radiosender Fritz from potsdam is radiated once in the month the transmission chaos radio. Further radio endings of the CCC are C-radar made of Darmstadt, /dev/radio from Ulm, radio Chaotica made of Karlsruhe and Nerds on air made of Vienna.



The CCC was created on 12 September 1981 in Berlin at the table of the municipality 1 in the editorial offices '' taz ''. However the club developed in the following years mainly in Hamburg, since the initial members Wau Holland and Tom Twiddlebit were there.

At the beginning of of 1984 was published the first expenditure of the data centrifuge.

Into the start time also the publication of the kit falls to the Datenklo, a postal not certified modem even built. Finally world-wide communication wanted to be promoted, even if thereby against rules became to offend to the Federal Postal Administration.


Public admittingness attained the CCC on 19 November 1984 with the VTX or Haspa chopping in such a way specified. Here due to a data overflow into the Federal Postal Administration as surely titulierten VTX system in one night scarcely 135,000 DM that were transferred Hamburg savings bank to the account of the association. A demonstration of the safety gap went ahead through Wau Holland with the 8. DAFTA, but was not repaired the problem at the post office. In particular the statements of the Haspa executive committee Benno - "we are shaken. The post office insured that VTX was safe of actual that wrongly ", and "all respect for the capability of these people. It is unfortunate that only by the proof, which these people furnished the post office could be convinced of the fact that its VTX software becomes not yet all requirements fair "- released the CCC from the call to be criminal.

On the contrary, that CCC was consulted again and again in the coming years with the creation of the data protection act in the FRG. Also appraisals were issued on most political level.

After VTX-chop became the call after a meeting ever louder, on which one itself the well-known and still coming Hacks can dedicate. Thus short hand at the end of of December 1984 in the Hamburg Eidelstedter community centre of the first chaos Communication Congress was organized.

First case of net censorship

1985 were already entangled the club into an affair, in which it concerned to one of the later central topics of interest of the CCC uninformativeness -. On the VTX pages of the club various texts accumulated all information to controversies topics, faithfully after the guidance saying from the hacker ethics "must be free ".

Thus also an excerpt from the thesis could be called "Penisverletzungen with Masturbation with vacuum cleaners " von Michael Alschibaja Theimuras from the year 1978. There in particular vacuum cleaners of the type Kobold the company Vorwerk to injuries, were afraid the tradition enterprise negative headlines led and saw themselves damaged therefore by the CCC. He sued the club for 500.000 DM payment of damages because of call damage and required of the Federal Postal Administration as Betreiberin of the VTX system a blockage of the side. Only after the doctor father of the thesis and a Vorwerk concerned could be introduced, the company withdrew the complaint.

The CCC becomes registered association.

In the course of the novella 2. White-collar crime law the computer criminality was taken up to the penal code. Without being a registered association, the CCC very fast as criminal combination would have been considered. Therefore 1986 the CCC registered association was created and registered into the register of associations Hamburg. Although the CCC registered association is non-profit according to statute, the non-profit character was never recognized by the tax office Hamburg.

The association is to be its members helpful in problems, released for example by network analyses. It is the financial backbone for the data centrifuge and for projects for the research of new technologies. In addition its speakers are active as language pipe of the hacker scene.

An article in the data centrifuge 60 brings the motivation to the establishment of association on the point: "The preliminary investigations expected at that time (wg. NASA/splinter-chop etc.) should clearly be canalized, in order to prevent a large Kriminalisierung of the hacker scene ("§129a) and to direct above all the preliminary investigations to (as a lawyer) prepared places (executive committee). That functioned also so far completely well. "


To of NASA and ESA the operated cut (space Physics analysis network) were world-wide some large computers in particular the company Digital attached. Due to a safety gap in the operating system VMS, which was repaired 1986 in the USA, but only in the middle of 1987 in Europe, succeeded it to north German hackers to receive access to the systems and some computers in this network. For this machines of NASA, the ESA, computer of the French Atomic Energy Commision (Commissariat l'‰nergie Atomique), universities and research establishments counted. As can be prove however only damage on computers as "hacker driving school of the "baptized CERN could be discovered, of where from further nets could be achieved.

The north Germans hackers turned, when them the situation became "hot" too, to the CCC. This contacted again in August 1987 the Federal Office for protection of the constitution, itself felt not responsible and by the request to pass references on to the US-American colleagues with the CIA did not follow. As consequence there were some house searches in September 1987 due to charges of the CERN in Switzerland and Philips France by the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations in co-operation with the French public prosecutor's office. The reproach was raised that the computers of the armaments company Thomson in Grenoble cracked, which were deleted volume of data of the Zementfabrik Lafarge and possibly spied with Philips construction plans for a chip.

As lucky it may have proven that CCC press speaker Steffen met a TV-team of the transmitter SAT.1 in the proximity during the house search. Thus the house search became part of the live-reporting in the evening messages of the transmitter.

To 14. March 1988, which seemed thing nearly forgets, traveled to SECURICOM 88, that 6. International congress over data security and data security, to Paris. With the arrival at the airport he was however already arrested due to the charge by Philips France and under fadenscheinigen reasons to cross-examines held. Only after over eight weeks, to 20. May 1988, he - dismisses from the detention - could return to Germany.

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