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With the centrifugal casting liquid metal (melt) is filled into a mold (mold), rotating around their axle center. The melt is pressed by centrifugal energy to the mold external wall. With solidifying the melt takes the form of the mold. Develops a hollow cast piece with the profile of the mold inside, whose wall thickness is determined by the quantity of the melt. One differentiates between two centrifuge casting process centrifuge casting processes with:

  • Horizontal axis of rotation (e.g. with the production of pipes)
  • Vertical axis of rotation (e.g. with the production of railway wheels)

Examples of pieces of centrifugal casting:

  • Pipes
  • Hollow shafts
  • Rings
  • Wheels
  • Cylinder liners
  • Piston rings


Number of revolutions

Computation of the necessary minimum number of revolutions for the overcoming of the Earth's gravity field (guide after Hurst): n \ approx \ frac {7200} {\ rho \ cdot \ sqrt {D}} n: Number of revolutions [min-1] \ rho: Density [g/cm3] D: Outside diameter casting [mm] one works for reasons of the pipe, cinder liberty and compression with numbers of revolutions up to 4.000 1/min.

Casting pressure

The casting pressure is produced by the centrifugal energy and can be computed according to the formula by approach: p \ approx \ frac {\ rho \ cdot \ omega^2} {3000 \ cdot g} \ cdot \ left (R^2 \ frac {r^2} {R^2} \ right) p: Casting pressure [bar] \ rho: Density [g/cm3] \ omega: Angular speed [rad/s] g: Acceleration due to gravity = 9.81 m/s2R: Aussenradiusr: InnenradiusDer casting pressure can rise (speed-sensing) up to 50 bar. In the comparison to the sand casting so closer develops, more more pipe and inclusion-freer casting structures.

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