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The CMA Centrale marketing company of German rural economy ltd. (CMA) is a German lobby organization. It represents agricultural enterprises and markets so for example domestic milk and meat products.

The CMA was created 1970 and has its seat in Bonn bath Godesberg. It is under private law organized as GmbH; Partners are 41 central associations of the German agriculture and foodstuffs industry, under it the German farmer's association.

The CMA is financed to approximately three quarters over the paragraph funds created by a Federal law from 26 June 1969, an institute of the public right, to which all farmers must pay a delivery at a value of on the average 0.4% of the commodity value.

The European Union carries the remainder at present (2005) of the amounting to budget for approximately 100 million euro. Besides the CMA is to have reserves in three-figure million height.

The CMA has approx. 150 coworkers and twelve foreign offices.

For the pursuit of its goals the CMA cooperates for example with private and public media. Thus exist for example contractual agreements with the television cook Armin Rossmeier, which in its transmissions corresponding added used and in such a way apply.

Besides products of rural economy receive the so-called CMA quality seal.

The CMA is official main sponsor and name givers of the German memory sport championship, who are aligned under the title "milk note of Masters 2005".

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