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» Economics » Authority (GDR) » Topics begins with C » Central organ of the Staatsmacht

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The central organ of the Staatsmacht marked a mechanism, whose material, personnel and functional authority extended to the entire state territory in the GDR.

The most important central organs of the GDR were:

  • the people chamber
  • the Council of Ministers
  • the national defence council
  • the highest court of the GDR
  • the prosecutor general of the GDR

To the central organs the further organs of the Council of Ministers belonged to the Staatsmacht in:

  • the Ministries
  • the national plan commission
  • the offices of the secretary of state
  • central of offices among other things

According to the dominant doctrine of the state rule in the GDR (i.e. the democratic centralism) the local organs of the Staatsmacht were bound to the decisions of the central organs in the form of their legal regulations.

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