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The central office for primary documentation (ZPD) was in the GDR a structure unit of the national central administration for statistics (SZS).

It led and coordinated the development of uniform primary documents compatible with data processing, directed the development in the national economy on emphasis and coordinated the solely responsible activity state and economiceconomics organs for the rational standardization of the primary documents within its ranges.

The central office prepared principles for the standardization of the primary documents, published framework guidelines and developed even mainly primary documents for accounting and statistics, between the branches and ranges circulated (as external primary documents) as well as basic remarks and samples of internal primary documents. It considered the requirements of the electronic data processing (EDP).

The introduction of uniform primary documents on EDP basis in the branches and ranges of the national economy took place on suggestion of the central office via arrangement (AO) of the director/conductor of the SZS and/or via GDR standards. With the AO from 8 October 1968 (GBl II, P. 931) the uniform EDP became

- combined calculation set

- Economic agreement (supply contract)

- Vouchers and proofs of the basic central calculation

obligatorily on all enterprises of the national economy imported. With the AO from 9 April 1970 (GBl II, P. 259) the uniform EDP-fair tag and labeling took place. With the AO from 22 January 1974 (GBl I, P. 63) obligatorily on all subjects by accounting and statistics and EDP-fair standardized primary documents were explained to the production control, which were to be introduced in the years until 1975 of the enterprises gradually.

As uniform primary documents were considered only those, which were confirmed of the SZS. The application of the uniform primary documents had to take place after from the SZS issued implementing provisions to. These primary documents were a component of the subject-oriented programming systems (SOPS) of the electronic computing technology. In addition, they were applicable for mechanical and manual treatment. In exceptional cases changes of the branches or ranges were permissible only on the basis of the uniform primary documents.

Changes as well as the further use of not-uniform primary documents after 1 January 1976 the required agreement by the responsible Ministries and other central state organs and/or advice of the districts as well as the confirmation by the SZS. The Ministries and other central state organs relied with their decision on the project coordination for EDP and the central working groups accounting and statistics.

For the consultation of matters of principle and for the preparation of experts decisions for the standardization and comings into force of primary documents were active with the central office an adviser, a functional commission and other working groups. The central office published development results in the relevant technical periodicals.

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