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Celera Genomics is an US-American company, those in May 1998 of PE corporation (today Applera corporation) and Craig Venter, Genomfor and founders institutes for of the Genomic Research (TIGR), was created. The name Celera is derived from Latin "more celer" for "fast" Neutrum Plural. The company was created, in order to collect on a large scale by DNA Sequenzierungen information about Genome and commercialize these.

The coworkers with Celera Genomics could show also as first the reliability the "whole genome shotgun strategy" the Sequenzierens. Critics stress however the sometimes unsatisfactory quality of the sequences compared with those of the Humangenomprojekts, whose slower Sequenzierstrategie is more reliable.

The ascent and case of Celera as an ambitious competitor of the Humangenomprojekts are topic of the book "The Genome were" from James Shreeve.

Genome, which were sequenziert by Celera Genomics (with), are:


  • Haemophilus influenzae


  • Drosophila more melanogaster
  • Human Genom
  • Mouse Genom

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