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The CeBIT is the world-wide largest fair for information technology and takes place since 1986 each spring on the largest fairground of the world in Hanover. The term CeBIT is an acronym for Centrum of the office and information technology. Organizer of the CeBIT is the German fair AG (DMAG).

CeBIT 2006

The 21. CeBIT Hanover found from Thursday, 9. until Wednesday, 15. March 2006 instead of and had approx. 450,000 Besucher.Ein special high point was in this year the final round of the Roboking competition, which resounded to 27 in took place. Special novelties were the Origami computer and the new Windows operating system Vista. Emphasis was HDTV, RFID and UMTS. Shown from cause of the 20-year old anniversary in resounds to 1 of some exhibitors of devices from the year 1986, in order to make the progress of the development clear.

6,300 exhibitors (3,300 from the foreign country from 70 countries, 1,700 from the asiatic-Pacific area), 300,000 square meters. Approximately 128,000 foreign specialized visitors, master programs with approximately 30 special presentations and 800 computer and electronics specialized publishing house, Dienstleister from E-Publishing-section, IT-solutions. (Stock exchange-sheet-on-line, 7 February 2006)

On the special exhibition "digitally Living" should be introduced "Lifestyle" - products of the entertainment electronics by approximately 100 participants. Digitally the Living is also a short term reaction of the fair in Hanover on the decision of the fair Berlin from November 2005, the international radio exhibition (IFA) in the future no longer only every two years to organize but each year. The new look in Hanover was in an own resounds (27 resounds) accommodated, the private visitors for ten euro entrance over a separate entrance reached. With CeBIT ticket the entrance was free.

CeBIT 2005

The CeBIT 2005 of 10. March - 16. March 2005 had to register an increase with 6270 exhibitors in relation to the previous year and had about 480,000 visitors, of it 29% from the foreign country. One of the central topics of interest was Voice Over IP (Internettelefonie).

CeBIT 2004

In the year 2004 approximately 6100 exhibitors from 64 countries presented themselves and their products. Central topics of interest were Wireless LAN, home cross-linking, mobile telephones and UMTS as well as digital cameras.

In accordance with statement of the fair company expectations were exceeded in the year 2004. On the seven Messetagen 510,000 visitors came to Hanover, 10,000 more than one expected. Thus the total number of visitors sank again in relation to the previous year, the number of visitors per day due to the around one day however rose.

CeBIT 2003

2003 had traveled 6500 enterprises from approximately 60 countries, in order to issue on a surface of 360.000 m in 27 resounding. Of 12. up to 19. March came 560,000 visitors, 17 per cent as in the previous year, the number of the orders secured was less nevertheless by 10 per cent higher than in the previous year.

Above all pieces of news were the center of attention approximately around the coming UMTS Handygeneration, mobility and broadband communication. A further topic was the language control, whereby particularly the washing machine "Hermine" talked about itself made. IT-security was in this year likewise an important emphasis, likewise the range open SOURCE. In the Linuxpark apart from the new distribution versions Knoppix 3,2 and SuSE Linux 8,2 many solutions were introduced approximately around the employment of free software within the private and business sector.

Also by the computer journal chip the Tops and the flops of the fair were The winners got the "CeBIT OSCAR" and the losers the "CeBIT brake":

"CeBIT OSCAR 2003"

  1. Intel with the "Centrino concept" for longer Akkulaufzeiten with the Notebook
  2. "Apple iLife" Multimedia applications under a surface
  3. Intellon HomePlug 1,0 for simple network binding
  4. organic light-along-animal-ends diodes (OLEDs)
  5. Of Microsoft on-line play platform Xbox live

"CeBIT brake 2003"

  1. TCPA for the attempt to receive control of all PCs

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