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The Summa grammaticalis quae vocatur Catholiconist (Catholicon) is latin dictionary, which was arranged 1286 by Johannes Balbos and in the late Middle Ages served to lay the Bible out "correctly". The educated citizen could infer from it the substantial knowledge its time. The Catholicon is one of the first printed books. To its pressure a Gotico Antiqua - an easily readable, still gothical affected gathering mold of the today's roman characters - was cut. Per column thus 66 lines with 40 letters each could be accommodated.

The Catholicon was printed in three editions, which - on the basis the types of paper - in each case the years 1460, 1469 and 1472 to be assigned to be able. The set of these three expenditures is alike. For the explanation of this phenomenon the Druckforscherin Lotte Hellinga represents the thesis, the Catholicon in the same year was nevertheless manufactured, only on three different presses of three different pressure gentlemen, who would have together-done to a kind "joint venture". Holding against will represent the Catholicon from Paul Needham, who holds the revolutionary opinion, by plates or stereotyped ones was printed, thus from firm printing forms poured off by the original set. Thus this form of printing would be three centuries before their "official" invention admits been. The correct allocation of the Catholicon is one of the substantial problems of the early pressure research.


A summary of the problem is in: Andreas Venzke: Johannes good mountain - the inventor of the printing and its time. Piper publishing house, Munich 2000

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