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The casting container is part of a warm chamber pressure casting machine. It is in the press chamber and serves as container for the liquid casting metal.

The work temperature with magnesium alloys is relatively highly with 620 - 640"°C, during it with zinc alloys around 390 - 420"°C lies. The casting containers are manufactured made of hot-work tool steel in more forged and in poured execution. The forged casting containers have a higher homogeneity in the material, while the poured are less susceptible by even wall thickness transitions to shatter cracks.

The entire casting set consists nozzle of casting container and is bent opposite the machine around approx. 5 degrees. With opened pressure mold the molten bath from the nozzle does not flow again into the casting container and it forms drops in the form.

With constantly fitting nozzle at the form an accurate regulation of the nozzle temperature is necessary. It is to be made certain that the contact surface of the nozzle at the form is as small as possible, in order not to lead the warmth into the form. The nozzle can be driven by hydraulic cylinders into the half-mold. The heating of the nozzle is done either with gas heating or via induction. During gas heating an accurate recording of temperature is not possible.

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