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A carrot mouse is an agricultural machine, which serves sugar beets following the harvest for prepurifying and shipping carrots, predominantly.

With the harvest the carrots are only gerodet by means of a or a and deposited in long stores, the rents in such a way specified, at the edge of field. These rents will then ship from the carrot mouse with an arm on a truck or tractor trailers, which drives the carrots then for processing into the factory.

The equipment takes thereby also an important cleaning function. By shaking filters and conveyors on the inside the rough components of the adhering earth are removed, so that these on the field to remain and into the factory to be brought not have. A carrot mouse can load carrots depending upon type in the hour up to 350 t; that corresponds to about 14 truck charges.

Important manufacturers in Germany are the companies Ropa mechanical engineering and Franz small one.

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