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Carlo Gambino (* 24 August 1902 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy; "† 15 October 1976 in Long Iceland, New York, the USA) is considered to 1921 as one the most well-known New Yorker Mafiosi as well as name giver of the Gambino Clans.Gambino came illegaly into the USA and became at its 19. Birthday introduced to the "honourable society", to which its family belonged for a long time. After he had high-worked himself over years, he moved 1957 after the murder at Albert Anastasia with approval by Vito Genovese to the point of one now as "Gambino clan" designated New Yorker Mafia organization. Gambino was besides partner of many years of SGC Associates, a company for the improvement of the relations between employees and - givers.

Gambino died in October 1976 of natural death on Long Iceland.

It served as model for the novel Mario Puzos" the godfather "filmed of Francis Ford Coppola.

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