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Carl Friedrich Benz (Karl Friedrich Michael Benz) (* 25 November 1844 in Karlsruhe; "† 4 April 1929 in shop castle) was a German engineer and automobile pioneer.


Benz was born on 25 November 1844 as a Karl Friedrich Michael Vaillant in the today's Karlsruher quarter One year after its birth married its nut/mother Josephine Vaillant the father Johann George Benz. The died 1846, one year after the wedding. Afterwards its name was Karl Friedrich Michael Benz, which it changed later in Carl Friedrich Benz.

Starting from 1853 it visits the oriented Lyzeum in Karlsruhe. With 15 years Carl Friedrich exists the entrance examination at the poly-technical university (later technical university) in Karlsruhe on 30 September 1860. After four years it terminates its study on 9 July 1864 with success. On 20 July 1872 he marries Bertha Ringer.

The German mechanical engineer became the pioneer of the automobile industry. On 25 November 1914 the technical university Karlsruhe Carl Friedrich Benz lends the honour doctor title.

Benz dies on 4 April 1929 at the age of 84 years in shop castle at the consequences of a Bronchialkatarrhs (inflammation of the bronchi).

Karl or

The way of writing of the Benz first name also today still provides for confusion. Which city their Karl Benz place is, the neighbour municipality their Carl Benz school. The autopioneer provided for the orthographic confusion. In the birth register of it is located under 25 November 1844 as a Karl Friedrich Michael registered. He registered himself 1860 handwritten as a Karl Benz at the polytechnic institute in Karlsruhe. And on his first patent specification of 1880 stands: Karl Benz to Mannheim. End of the nineteenth century came the French way of writing of German names into mode and Karl Benz marked of now on mostly as Carl Benz. The next patent specification of 1882 is issued on Carl Benz in Mannheim. And its enterprise in shop castle firmierte under Carl Benz of sons kg.

Both C and the K-parliamentary group among the language scholars supplied thus good reasons for both variants to Benz with; none of the two is correctly wrong. The DaimlerChrysler AG decided for the way of writing with "K "as the historically clearer. Also general national archives in Karlsruhe nevertheless recognize this version due to the entry in the baptismal register on.

Technical achievements

1878/79 developed Benz a compressionless secondary act combustion engine and later a light four-stroke engine. Benz developed the differential drive and other motor vehicle elements like the Ackermann steering, the spark plugs, the clutch, the carburetor, the radiator with water and the gear shift.

he built the first "automobile for 1885 ", a vehicle with combustion engine and electrical ignition, which drove 1886 for the first time into Mannheim. It had 0.8 HP (0.6 KW), the maximum speed amounted to 16 km/h. Thus it is considered as the inventors of the modern automobile. (The opinion kolportierte still, the Mecklenburger Siegfried Marcus living in Vienna came Benz before 1875, by clear historical sources was already disproved.) on 29 January 1886 Carl Friedrich Benz industrial history wrote, by announcing this vehicle at the realm patent office under the number 37435 to the patent (see: Related links). In the public Carl Benz for its work harvested much mockery. As "a car without horses was smiled at ". On the other hand the general indicator of the city Mannheim meant in September 1886, "that this cart a good future will have ", because it can be set "without many circumstances in use and because it, with possible speed, will become cheapest conveyance for business travelers, possibly also for tourists ". Carl Friedrich Benz saw this similar and constantly improved its vehicles. His Mrs. Bertha Benz undertook the first remote travel from Mannheim to Pforzheim in the year 1888. This travel repeated as memory travel regularly with old timers (see stage place Heidelberg),1888 became the new vehicle ("complete replacement for cars with horses! ") admits of the residents of Munich by the participation in "strength and machine exhibition "over the borders of Germany, but the possible buyers remained sceptical. The spreading of the automobile began then in France, which had the best roads. 1889 was shown the new Benz models on that Paris world exhibition.

Companies by Carl Benz

Benz created 1871 the iron foundry and mechanical workshop, which he renamed later in factory for machines to the sheet metal working. The expensive development had led to the fact that the house bank 1882 required the transformation of its company into a corporation, whereby also the names in gas engine factory in Mannheim was changed. In the supervisory board the technical designer found to little understanding for his visions. Benz left therefore the enterprise and created 1883 a new company, "the Benz & Cie., Rheini gas engine factory Mannheim "(since 1899 corporation), which was around 1900 the largest car factory of the world. 1903 separated Benz from the active service. It created 1906 with its sons in shop castle the company Carl Benz of sons, whom specialized in the construction of vehicles. 1926 united the companies "Benz & Cie., Rheini gas engine factory Mannheim "and "Daimler engine society "to "Daimler Benz AG ".

God-dear 1885 into CAN place the riding car, the first motorcycle (with gange wheels), to drive left the technical designer to Daimler, that together with his friend William May brook and died 1900, Benz personally never became acquainted with.

1969 were suggested to him in honours designating the unit of the speed with Benz. It in honours also the Carl Benz stadium was designated.

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