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Cargill Incorporated is a multinational exempt private company, whose head office is in Minnesota, the USA. The enterprise is concerned with regenerating raw materials and renewable energies.

Cargill was created 1865 and is one of the most important exempt private companies world-wide the activities of the company to cover the purchase, the processing and the selling of grain and Getreideprodukten, other agricultural commodities and the production as well as trade with cattle, feeds and contents materials of finished food and pharmaceutical auxiliary materials. In addition one is concerned with financial services, which cover a part of the risk in the trade. A part of the financial services expenditure-based into a hedge rear named Black River ate management. This has $10 billion at net assets.

Cargill in Germany

Head office of the Cargill in Germany is salt lattice. The enterprise is active since 1955 in Germany in the trade with feed components on grain and Nichtgetreidebasis, the processing from to oil and pellet, the Malzproduktion as well as the trade with food raw materials such as glucose and strength, as well as technical oils and Lezithin for the foodstuffs industry and the production of bio Diesel. There are ten locations - Hamburg, salt lattice, Mainz, Riesa, Barby, Krefeld and Wittenberge - at those together with the Raiffeisen Hauptgenossenschaft north AG in Hanover bio Diesel is produced.

By the acquisition of the first cocoa-processing factory built by the group in Hamburg in October 2004, continued to develop Cargill its cocoa-processing plants in Europe.

Cargill in Mainz

The work, before times Schmidt of sons, lies traffic-favorably between Rhine avenue and Industriehafen in Mainz, thus can mass traffic goods economically be changed. The oil mill employs 40 coworkers and converts full-continuously annually 300,000 tons Raps and sunflower seed to oil and pellet. The RWS seed originates predominantly from the neighbouring Lands of the Federal Republic and partially from the Czech republic. The oil is used in the Nahrungsmittelindindustrie, in addition, for technical purposes. RWS pellet serves as admixture for feeds.

With financial support of the European Union within the European Union-LIFE-Environment-program the Cargill GmbH accomplished a project in Mainz for the smell reduction and energy conservation during the oil seed processing. The vapour contains beside water vapour a high portion of Glucosinolat/sulfur, a smell component which in the neighbouring residential zone becomes partly unpleasantly recognizable. Together with the company Bulkflow was provided a Pilotanlage as well as a feasibility study, which judge the energy-saving potential and the reduction of the environmental influences during the period of one year. This procedure been based on the principle of the reverse heat exchanger and can contribute in case of success also with other oil mills, e.g. in Weisenau with the Soya Mainz to the environmental discharge.

The financing instrument LIFE is to contribute to the conversion, actualization and advancement of the environmental policy and the environment law of the community (European Union), in particular regarding the inclusion of environmental aspects into other politics fields as well as on the lasting development in the European union.

Cargill communicated in August 2005 its intention of establishing in Mainz 200,000 tons a bio Diesel plant. This plant is to supplement oil mill and refining activities in the region, already existing. The commencement of production for the bio Diesel plant is intended for the third quarter 2006, the investment volume amounts to approximately 25 million euro.

Business characteristic numbers

  • In the year 2005, largest exempt private company in the USA
  • Conversion 2005: USD$ 71,1 billion
  • Net profit 2005 US$ 2,1 billion.
  • 25 per cent of all US of grain exports by Cargill are transacted.
  • About 22 per cent US of the meat market are supplied.
  • Cargill employs about 142,000 coworkers at 1.100 locations in 61 countries.
  • Largest exporter from Argentina.
  • Largest poultry producer in Thailand.
  • All eggs McDonald's restaurants in the United States use originate from Cargill farms.

Despite its size the company is still an exempt private company. Descendants of the Cargill and MacMillan possess today about 85% of the enterprise. Therefore the growth of the company can be financed by reinvestment of the profits and one is dependent not on the financial markets.

It is to be arrived to Cargill's long-term enterprise strategy by trade and processing of the products away and at activities with high order. It exists a joint undertaking with Hoffmann La Roche, which develops a process for the transformation from grain by-products to Vitamin E. In addition ethanol as fuel and citric acid are made of grain. The company intends to place the consultation of their customers to the increase of the creation of value in the food production chain into the foreground.

Cargill profited from the world-wide trend to high-improved Getreideprodukten.

2006 were criticized Cargill because of its role during the destruction of the rain forest in the Amazon region by Greenpeace. There is numerous Sojaplantagen of the enterprise.


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