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In the health service the care set designates - actually: dailysame care set - a form remuneration-further remuneration forms: Drop lump sum (e.g. DRG - Diagnosis Related Groups), Komplexpauschale.Der care set is a equivalent remuneration for each calender date during the period spent in a stationary mechanism (hospital, nursing home, daily hospital).

Nursing home

The care set of a mechanism corresponds to the home costs, which a home inhabitant for its accommodation and supply has to apply. Depending upon care stage this is different. The determination care set certainly by the defaults of the land conservation laws of the Lands of the Federal Republic. It is divided into three components:

  • Capital outlays (IK)
  • Costs of accommodation and food supply (also: Hotel costs mentioned) (HK)
  • Care costs (PK)

The capital outlay portion of the care set covers the costs of the building and corresponds to the sense after the private expenditures for the housing rent. The costs of accommodation and food supply essentially cover the costs of meals and cleaning (special and personnel expenditure). The care costs cover the special and the personnel expenditure for Pflege.Die IK and HK are completely from the inhabitant to to be settled. The PK is bezuschusst in Germany by the care cash with a lump sum. The height depends on the care stage.

The own contributions of the inhabitant by his income - usually pension payments - one furnishes. Realms out, the social helping carrier does not occur these. The PK is bezuschusst by the care cashes with a lump sum. The lump sum is, dependent on the care stage, differently high. It amounts to monthly for care stage I 1023 "€, for care stage II 1279 "€ and for care stage III 1432 "€.

the HK was to 2001 (Federal Statistical Office) average about 19 euro per inhabitants and day; the PK lay depending upon care stage between 39 and 66 euro per inhabitants and day. The IK is dependent on the age and condition of the building, different therefore very. They can be estimated approach with 10 to 20 euro per inhabitants and day.


The height of the care set is agreed upon in annual budget negotiations between the individual hospital and the cost objectives (health insurance companies). The care set is paid for each treatment day of the stationary treatment (computation days) of a patient. Since 1996 are differentiated the care set into a basis care set uniform for the entire hospital and a department care set different depending upon department. The basis care set is to cover the basis costs such as accommodation, food supply, administration etc. and the department care department of the medical costs.

The dailysame care set finds starting from 2005 in hospitals only for psychiatric departments of application. It replaced by a system of drop lump sums (DRG).

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