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Care planning is called in the ill and old person care the written job planning. It wants to make a well-planned and systematic function possible of all care forces involved. The method settles in different forms, whose most important is the conservation plan over several columns. But not the forms are the main thing, but the improvement of the care of the customers.

Conceptually there are far laps with the word care process - therein however more is taken off on the total happening, less on the work engineering.


The origins of care planning lie in the USA of the fifties.

Virginia Henderson, which pursued also occupation-political goals apart from the development and the introduction of such terms like "basic care" in the USA, was very much interested in this development.

  • 1960 appeared the first scientific papers over care planning.
  • The systematic introduction to American hospitals took place starting from 1970.
  • Short time reached this idea Great Britain later. There 1979 appeared the first text book for care planning.
  • In the German-speaking countries Liliane Juchli already transfers 1974 the concept which is based on Henderson to its care text book.
  • 1981 appeared the first special German-language book for care planning.
  • For the 90's care planning becomes generally accepted also in German care practice increasingly. Monika Krohwinkel contributed with its research study to the Apoplexie substantially to it.
  • The quality yardsticks gesetzl. Care planning made nursing care insurance starting from 1995 the State OF the kind of the job planning.

Terms and intentions

For care planning an agreement is meaningful on a professional care theory in the respective mechanism, but not necessarily necessary. Those are for example the care theories of Orem, Roper, Logan & Tierney or Vth Henderson (only one selection), oriented at the needs. The care diagnoses of the NANDA can offer in addition, orientation. In the core it concerns a quality cycle of the out returning information collection, measure definition, execution and evaluation exists.

The word "care planning" stresses more the intellectual preparation and further processing of the care actions by/responsible person the maintaining on a sheet paper for rereading for all entitled ones. It is provided to Nm depending upon organization of the care by a specialist, the reference nurse, the layer line among other things. Into this expiration the other occupational groups involved of the occupations of welfare must (e.g. Lady doctor, Physiotherapie) to be merged. That happens frequently in form of the Visiten or the drop discussions. The care documentation is in the hospital part Patient document.

The individual steps

The individual steps are represented here, which from a spontaneous, unplanned care a planned process become to let:

  • It begins with the information collection for the actual condition of humans in need of care - all inquirable or after-readable information is assigned to the ranges of the ATL and/or AEDL.
  • In the conservation plan similarly problems and abilities/resources are seized and set depending upon urgency priorities. Thus whether a person can move, in handling a wheelchair experienced or completely is dependent on assistance.
  • On this information basis realistic (i.e. attainable) care goals are specified and written into the conservation plan.
  • Afterwards all the pflegerischen measures are enumerated, which are to be used for the reaching of the care goals. Time and personnel expenditure for it are to be indicated. Into the conservation plan here care standards can be included. They do not replace however individual planning.
  • Central step follows naturally the execution of the care as. Execution can be facilitated possibly, as for the description of individual measures or by service ranges (expression of the nursing care insurance) care standards are used. By such descriptions the care customers receive also security that quality minimum staffs are kept.
  • Time and professional execution of the care measures is documented in the form care report and/or performance record.
  • A regular examination of the conservation plan, in order to judge effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the care measures, is from the outset intended. Their frequency depends on disease picture and treatment and/or care contract. It effected in the last column of the conservation plan and records the extent of reached success. The technical term for it: Evaluation.

The circle mentioned closes, as now (in regular distance and/or if new information resulted) the conservation plan examines and revised and so that one adapts to the new situation. Frequently for it the term automatic control loop originating from the technology is used for the description. The number of single steps is differently indicated. In older text books it began with 4 stages. The numbering is however surely unimportant. Agreement exists over all points specified above.

Quality criteria of care planning

- Where does the quality of the care and its planning - That is this quality These apparently simple questions are not so simple at all to answer. Good quality of the care and according to - planning and - the documentation are present, if care in the sense of the holistic treatment a person considered - that this consists at the same time of

  • physical/physical range
  • psychological/mental-mental range
  • social range and
  • also of threatening and by experienced care forces assumed care problems to be seized can.

The conservation plan must consider therefore subjective and objective requirements.

I.e. also that the goals must cover these different ranges of the person. Otherwise (justified) the nil return is necessary in the documentation!

The quality of care planning shows itself above all to further by whether

  • Care problems to be justified (e.g. Need due to ATL)
  • List and/or allocation of the goals justified takes place
  • /the female patient EN, customer e into the definitions of the planning steps is included.
  • the care measures clearly after time and personnel requirements fixed are
  • the goals are attainable
  • reaching the goals is examined

The procedure for the examination of these characteristics can be regulated in an organization standard of the mechanism. It should belong to the executive functions of the responsible persons care specialist. Apart from examinations in a random sampling way to it also systematic Auwertungen of the reached care goals belongs.

The examination of the conservation plans takes place internally via the evaluation steps mentioned and externally via the medical service of the health insurance companies (MDK), which examines cash members (in the context of the nursing care insurance) in a random sampling way for its appropriate the supply. In addition in nursing homes the supervision of home can examine. With re-classifications by routine an examination of the past supply takes place.

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