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With capital goods marketing (also industrial goods marketing) it acts around marketing of factors of production (Potenzial and repeating factors), whose paragraph takes place not at consumers, but to private-economical or public organizations.


  • The need of organizations is derivative, i.e. it is derived from the demand of the customers of the organization. The manufacturer of capital goods should consider therefore not only the direct customer, but also the customers of stored stages.
  • The of the organizations (Buying center) is to be considered.
  • Opposite other goods capital goods are rather long-lived products. Thus long-term business relations result, in which above all confidence should be developed.
  • Frequently procedural specifications serve an objective and fair procurement behavior, as they are manifested in the contracting regulation for the assignment of public orders (VOLUME).
  • In addition and internationality of the Buying of center, with the consequence due to the global entwinement, step which cannot supply also the origin of the purchase-crucial a conclusive starting point for a purposefully differentiated market preparation.
  • The achievements which can be procured are frequently strongly explanation-needily (for example a chip factory) and very individual and/or customized.
  • Besides high subsequent costs are connected such as training courses, maintenance, Enegerieverbrauch with capital goods decisions, so that each procurement decision is connected by a high commitment of funds for the procuring enterprise. Here totally the Cost OF Ownership is often determined, in order to recognize the long-term cost effects of the investment decision.
  • In the long run the market participants are to be called as criterion capital goods marketing: These are anonymous, contrary to consumer goods marketing, neither on inquiring nor on offer side; the business relations are regularly on a long-term basis, the contractual or actual customer connection extremely high.
  • Also is the participation of the public hand is to be called, which gives the basic conditions of the procurement decision with capital goods frequently, approximately by subsidies or infrastructure measures (e.g. Build a motorway feeder to the planned factory) or by editions and laws.

Grundtypen of the capital goods markets

  1. The product business covers the relatively standardized production and marketing of capital goods, which are used isolated from the customer.
  2. The plant business (or project business) refers to comprehensive offers, consisting of a hardware or a software bundle, whose elements are joined with the customer to functional systems.
  3. The system business is coined/shaped by the summary from functional units to complex systems with the help of engineering and project management. Enclosed thereby always also service and/or software elements is. Pronounced Pre and after Sales services are necessary thereby.
  4. The is characterized by a long-term business relation. The offerer provides achievements, which are taken up gradually by the customer. (e.g. Automobile industry)

Consequences for marketing-mix

Product politics

In the field of the product politics the integration of the customer is important into the innovation management. Due to the missing test markets new products can be tested only by pilot customers.

Price strategy

Frequently effected with the procurement of industrial goods a more or less formalized advertisement to the whom are applicable suppliers (Competitive Bidding). A strategy over price distinction or price adjustment is with difficulty possible therefore.

Communication politics

The communication politics require an intensive satisfaction of the need for information of the individual members in the Buying center. Fairs or exhibitions are more important than Mediawerbung. Also the Ingredient Branding (label name of components) continues to increase ever in meaning.

Distribution politics

Within the distribution politics the focus is with high-quality capital goods on the direct sale, supply security as well as the personal sales.

Many high-specialized suppliers of capital goods are world-wide active, since there are few potenzielle customers in each country only. To that extent cultural differences and state-specific regulations are to be considered e.g. within the range of the industrial safety. In the world-wide selling frequently with Provisionsvertretern one works.

Development tendencies

Since the products of the individual manufacturers differ in many markets only slightly from each other, the accompanying services become increasingly more important the differentiation of the competition:

  • Consultation before the purchase
  • Planning services for the integration of the product into the production process of the customer
  • Training and production optimization
  • Servicing contracts
  • Spare part supply
  • Teleservice


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