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Cannon Fodder
Short info.
Developer:Sensitive software
Publisher:Virgin Interactive
Publication date:1993
Category:Real time strategy plays
Play modes:Singleplayer
Platform:Amiga, Atari ST, Atari Jaguar, PC, mega drive, SNES
Acoustic output:English
Interactive videotext:

With Cannon Fodder acts it around a computer game of sensitive software. In the year 1993 on the home computer Amiga published, appeared it also on Atari ST, Atari Jaguar, PC, mega drive, SNES and in the year 2000 even on the GBC. 1994 were produced with Cannon Fodder 2 a successful successor. In the same year the first part in Germany was indicated.

The play counts beside Dune II to the first real time strategy plays and later classical authors of this category such as COMMANDs & Conquer strongly affected.

The player steers a troop of up to 8 soldiers by altogether 72 level. A goal is to be switched off it all opponents. Hostile buildings must be put be destroyed, ambushes or taken and/or released hostages. During the missions can be used jeeps, tanks, helicopters, ammunition crates and the later also ball-safe west. If one loses a fighter, one must win the mission with the survivors. The total number of the fighters in the play the available is limited. So it can quite happen that one stands there in one of the later missions without personnel.

Particularly at Cannon Fodder is - partly quite black - humor. Beside harmless things like suddenly emerging Eskimos and/or who provide in the most mismatching situations for confusion, there is also quite makabere Gags. The satire begins already with the name of the play, because although everyone of them - contrary to later RTS plays - possesses a name, the soldiers are regarded simply and simply as cannon fodder. At the end of each mission the losses on both sides are presented such as football results. Additionally between the missions a hill with a gravestone for everyone is shown so far in the play soldier pleased. At the foot of the hill however urge itself already the new recruits. Also in the title music of the play this humor is reflected again, because it means there: "Was - more never so much fun/Go tons been your, kill him with your gun/make him lying in his uniformly, dying into the sun" (to German: "War - ever so much fun does not have made/goes to your brother, kills it with your firearm/lets it in its uniform lie and in the sun die").

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